Should I Send My Kid to Summer Camp Near Me?

Have you been looking up “summer camp near me” lately for your children?

Many parents get stressed out at the idea of summer camp. Do they all take your children away full-time for the summer? Are they going to be like the movies where kids get up to all kinds of mischief?

Summer camps have come a long way. There are several varieties so there’s something to suit every child and family. We’re here to put your mind at ease and help you decide if your children should go to summer camp this year.

Let’s talk about the benefits of summer camp.

Summer Care

After the school year is through, many parents have a hard time finding appropriate daytime care for their school-aged children. While teenagers are more than capable of taking care of themselves, younger kids need supervision.

Let’s face it. Standard daycare and babysitting services can add up. While it may seem like the more affordable option, at the end of the day you’ll be spending a fortune and your children won’t be getting the enrichment and fun that they deserve.

Sending your kids to summer camp gives you the benefits of daycare services while your kids get to learn and play out in the sun. Why not take advantage of the summertime while it lasts? Your kids deserve to fully experience summer while they’re in their school years and able to enjoy it.

More Socialization

During the school year, there are so many opportunities for socialization. Kids are always meeting new friends and hanging out with them every day. This is how they develop important social skills that will follow them through their lives.

They may have a few neighborhood friends during the summer, but unless you have a huge daycare, they won’t be getting those same social benefits. Daycare tends to only be social for very young children, so your older ones won’t benefit.

If you have them babysat, they’ll only have themselves and their siblings (if they have them).

At summer camp, they make friends with new children and they get to socialize all day. This is great for their mental health and development.

Children Learn New Skills

Learning isn’t only for the school year. At summer camp, kids learn new things while their brains are still malleable. They’ll have so much fun doing it that they won’t even realize that they’re learning.

No matter what kind of camp your child is going to, they’re going to participate in activities that will facilitate their learning in some capacity. Don’t waste the summer with hours of television and videogames. Get those kids outside learning and playing and keep their brains active! You want them to be ready for the school year ahead.

There Are All Types of Camps

Camps are more than just the overnight log cabin events that you see in movies where kids learn to canoe and play outdoor games. There are so many options!

Some camps offer important training that can follow them forever, like space camp or modern tech camps. Others are ideal for creative children who want to be artists. They’ll participate in artsy activities like sculpting and painting.

Some children benefit from camps that are set up in a more school-like structure where they learn important academic skills while they think they’re playing games and doing activities.

Other camps are more general, offering games, projects, art, sports, and trips to the beaches, pools, baseball fields, and other local activities.

Pick a camp that’s right for your child.

No Need to Stay Overnight

Many parents stress about overnight camps. Are all camps like this?

Sleepaway camps are still around, but they’re not the only option. Many summer camps now are day camps, meaning that they function like the average school day (which tends to suit the work schedules of many parents).

You drop the child off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Many camps also offer pre and post-camp care for an hour or so to make sure that all parents are able to work pickups and drop-offs around their busy schedules.

Check out these summer camps in Vancouver for example.

If you think a sleepaway camp is right for your child and you’re confident that they’ll be okay away from home, it’s an option. Don’t feel like it’s your only option, though.

It’s a Memory That Lasts a Lifetime

If you’ve never been to summer camp, you might not understand how formative it can be. Many adults who went to summer camp as children still remember their friends (and some have maintained those friendships). They may find themselves humming old camp songs (did you know Baby Shark was a camp song once?) and remembering skills that they learned.

Summer camp isn’t just for the “right now”. It can stay with your child as they grow. They’ll meet groups of friends that they’d never otherwise met at school, opening them up to new lifestyles. They’ll make projects that you’ll treasure forever.

Summer camp doesn’t only last for the summer. This is extra true if you send them every year. The benefits that your child will reap are lifelong.

Summer Camp Near Me? Time to Sign Up

Is it time to sign up for a “summer camp near me”? We think so. Your children will love meeting new friends, playing games, and fully experiencing all of the fun that the summer has to offer. Why not give them this valuable summer camp experience while they’re still young enough to enjoy it?

Avoid the stress of finding daytime care for your children. Sign them up for a great summer camp today.

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