Should I Buy Wood Veneer Cabinets?

People often ask us which finish is the best. There is no one single answer to this question. It all depends on your individual circumstances. Like what kind of countertops, floors, and backsplashes are being used. If you’re going for a more natural look and feel then veneer is definitely the right choice.  At the moment natural looks are dominating contemporary design. You can see an a example of a contemporary kitchen with wood veneer cabinets here. (I’ll send you an image to use)

Notice that the countertops are a solid color. Since there is a pattern in the wood grain of the cabinets then a solid color countertop is best.  This way the kitchen doesn’t appear too busy. If you are planning on getting a countertop that has a dominate pattern than a veneer cabinet may not work. Depending on how the patterns interact with each other.

What are some advantages of veneer?

Source: Studio Haus

Eco Friendly and Non Toxic – Since wood is natural veneer is already more eco friendly than most other finishes, the trick is to make sure it’s responsibly sourced. Furthermore, wood veneers are generally non-toxic. Low end veneers tend to use cheap adhesives that are high in VOCs. High quality wood venner manufacurers only use the finest adhesives that do not admit VOCS and are thus non toxic. Lastly, since veneer is sliced into skinny sheets no wood is wasted. When large pieces of wood are cut from logs lots of wood often goes unused. Veneer enables manufacturers to get the most usable product out of a single piece of wood.

Strength and Durability – When veneer is glued to a substrate, the adhesive increases its strength.  Secondly, veneer is less susceptible than solid wood is to issues like cracking, swelling, warping, splitting, or any movement in genral. As a result, the lifespan of the product increases and you’re left with cabinets to enjoy for many years.

Aesthetics – The wood that is chosen for our veneers have beautiful grain patterns and colors. The natural patterns are difficult to replicate with other finishes and each piece is unique.

What makes a good wood veneer panel?

There is quite a large variance in the quality of different wood veneers. The most important of which is to make sure that it is indeed a real wood veneer and not a laminate. The second of the which the core., and the third is the edgebanding.

Panels with a high quality mdf core –

High end panels are comprised of a top layer of veneer, an 18 mm (11/16”) MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability. This range of wood veneered panels does not need any further finishing. There is almost no limit to the ways it can be used – from kitchens to wardrobes in the home market, and from offices to bars or restaurant furnishings in the project market.

Seemless Edges

High grade cabinets have seamless edge banding. This means there are no gaps on the edges of the cabinet doors. The gaps are known to house bacteria and are not aesthetically pleasing. When choosing between wood veneers you may notice that the higher end brands offer seamless edges. I would recommend choosing these brands.

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