Shopping for luxury perfumes online

Travellers have to carry heavy luggage with them so they are often sweating resulting in unpleasant odours. So many wish to use a perfume which has a pleasant smell, to improve their mood, and create a positive impression on those around them. Lancome is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world, and its perfumes are extremely popular worldwide. Many perfume lovers in Singapore would like to shop at Lancome online since it is convenient for them, they do not have to spend time visiting the stores and the prices are lower. Some of the factors which should be considered while purchasing perfumes online are discussed below.

Perfume composition

Each perfume has a distinct smell which will make it unique. The perfume is formulated combining essential oils derived from different flowers, herbs, spices and fruits. Though smelling the perfume is the best way to decide whether it is the right perfume, for buyers purchasing the perfume online, the seller is specifying the exact composition so that the buyer can decide whether it is suitable. The perfume seller will usually specify the top note, middle note and base note for the perfume. He will also specify the occasion or the inspiration for the perfume.

Perfume notes

Most of the popular luxury perfumes from Lancome have a top note which has a fruity flavour. The more affordable perfumes have a litchi fruity top note and pear is also used for the top note. Jasmine is used in the middle note for most of the perfumes. Other ingredients which are used in the perfume are Turkish rose, magnolia, ginger, and pepper. Some of the more popular perfumes also have the pleasant smell of iris and orange blossom. Cedar wood and musk are widely used for the base note of the more affordable perfumes while the heart of patchouli is base note used in the premium perfumes



The premium luxury perfumes are available in different packages to suit the requirement of the customer. Each perfume bottle has a unique distinct design, to complement the distinctive fragrance. Some of the perfumes are available in only one packaging, usually 75 ml or 100 ml. In other cases, the online shopper can choose between different sizes like 30 ml and 100 ml. Perfume buyers who are purchasing the perfume for the first time will often prefer to purchase smaller quantities, since they are cheaper to check if they like the perfume. Smaller quantities are also preferred for gifting. Larger packages are cheaper and recommended for regular users.


Since luxury perfumes are expensive, it is important to ensure that the online seller is supplying original perfumes and not duplicate perfumes. Hence it is advisable to find out how the online seller is sourcing the perfumes listed for sale. The reputed online sellers will usually source from an authorized distributor or dealer of the luxury perfume. They will also offer a warranty that the perfume is genuine. Since the online sellers have lower overheads they are also able to offer better discounts compared to offline retailers.