Shop Smart When Buying Your Next Vape Kit: 5 Money-Saving Tips

Shopping for vape kits can be a fairly stressful experience if you’re an inexperienced vaper. Just choosing the device that you want to buy is difficult enough with the enormous selection of products on the market these days. Even if you’re certain about what device you want, though, you’ve still got to figure out where to buy it. How can you tell for sure that you’re getting a good deal? 

If you’ve compared the prices at various vape shops, you already know that the price for a particular product can vary drastically from one store to the next. On top of that, price isn’t really an indicator of quality in vaping. The vaping industry has gone through several major consolidation phases over the past few years, and there are very few vaping manufacturers remaining whose products aren’t truly top notch. Buying an e-cigarette from a convenience store or gas station can still be a dicey proposition, but if you buy from a vape shop, you’re going to end up with an excellent vape kit. The fact that one kit is more expensive than another doesn’t mean that the pricier kit is better. No vape kit is better than the others in absolute terms; all that matters is what’s better for you. 

With that in mind, the goal of this article is to help you find the vape kit that’s right for you and to help you buy that kit at the right price. Here’s how to shop smart when you buy your next vaping device.

Always Buy Vape Kits Online for the Best Deal

If you’re trying to decide whether you should buy your next vape kit online or at a brick-and-mortar vape shop, there’s really no contest. A brick-and-mortar vape shop really only offers one thing that an online shop doesn’t, and that is instant gratification. If you buy your next vape kit locally, you can take it home that day. If you buy online, though, you’ll enjoy a much wider selection of products and a significantly lower price. Online vape shops have drastically lower operational costs than brick-and-mortar shops. They also have a great deal more competition; the only way to succeed as an online vape shop is by pricing your products very attractively. You benefit greatly from that as a consumer.

Think About Buying Last Year’s Model

One of the peculiarities of the vaping industry is that the products often have very short shelf lives. The devices, tanks and coils come out of Shenzhen factories that operate at extremely low profit margins. The manufacturers make money by always iterating on their ideas and releasing a constant stream of products throughout the year. Effectively, that means every few months, every manufacturer is doing its best to build hype for a new vape kit while also trying to convince you that the previous model is completely obsolete.

Last year’s vape kit isn’t obsolete, of course. When you look closely at the selection of vaping devices from one year to the next, you’ll find that the differences are usually small and primarily cosmetic. You’ll also find that vape shops are almost always selling older vape kits at incredible prices to make room for the latest and greatest hardware. 

Try a Pod System

If you’re currently using a vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a tank, you should strongly consider buying a pod-based device if you want to spend less on vaping. Compared to tank-based devices, pod-based devices produce smaller vapor clouds and are optimized to use higher-nicotine e-liquids. Since you’ll increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid when switching to a pod system, there’s no need to worry that your satisfaction will be reduced. You will, however, save a lot of money.

There are two reasons why pod systems are less expensive to use than tank-based vaping devices. The first reason is the up-front cost; pod systems typically cost less than vape mods with tanks. The second reason is that, since pod systems generate smaller clouds than vape mods, they use less e-liquid. Using a pod system means that you’ll spend less on vape juice, and it also means that you’ll spend less on replacement coils or pods. That’s true even if you use heavily sweetened e-liquid. 

Join Every Vape Shop’s Mailing List

One of the universal truths of modern online marketing is that just about every e-commerce store these days has a mailing list. It’s good for an online store to maintain a mailing list because it provides a way to communicate directly with customers and to keep traffic flowing in even during those times when the site’s rankings on Google aren’t doing so well. 

Being a member of a mailing list also benefits you as a customer because it ensures that you’ll always hear about the latest sales first – and since vape shops always have older products to clear out, something is just about always on sale. Have you ever visited your favorite online vape shop and clicked a product with a sale price only to find that it was already sold out? It’s likely that the members of that vape shop’s mailing list found out about the sale first and already bought all of the remaining stock. If you need a new vape kit and don’t want to spend a lot of money for it, you should make sure that you’re subscribed to as many vape shops’ mailing lists as possible.

Look Out for Shipping Fees

When you’re shopping online for a new vape kit, don’t forget that a high shipping fee can give you a nasty and unexpected surprise during the checkout process. The shipping charge can also negate all of the work that you’ve gone through in your quest to find the best vape kit at the lowest price. 

Many online vape shops only charge shipping fees for smaller orders because if they didn’t, they’d lose money on those sales. They’re happy to waive the fees for larger purchases – so when you buy your vape kit, look for a vape shop that offers free shipping on orders over a minimum total. You can get over the minimum simply by adding a bottle or two of e-liquid to your order – and since you need e-liquid anyway, you won’t be spending money that you wouldn’t have spent otherwise.