Few Simple Steps For Making Your Own Shellac Nails at Home

Ever wondered what would it be like if you could learn to make your own shellac nails?

Yup! When it comes to spending some time for yourself, there are always other priorities.

Well, today is THE day when you quit complaining that you don’t have time for yourself and you pause everything else.

If you are a nail art lover and you always wanted to learn how to make your own shellac nails, we are here to help you.

You won’t need any special motivation for this, because it is an easy “blueprint”.

After you master these steps, your nails will look like they are made from a professional.

Let’s start with what you need for this:

Led nail lamp, top coat, base coat and shellac nail color polish.


Start preparing your nails by giving them the shape you want;


Push back the cuticles in order to expose the nail. Please be extremely careful while doing that;


Apply the first thin layer of your shellac base coat on each of your nails. The coat should be spreaded all the way to the tip of the nail (starting at the cuticle of your nail). Don’t go directly to the very edge of your nail. You would want to leave at least 1mm gap between every edge of the base coat and your skin. This will help you get that sealed edge later;


Place each hand for 2 minutes under the LED nail lamp in intervals of approximately 30 seconds; (follow manufacturers instructions)


You are ready for the color. Apply your first layer of the shellac nail polish just like you have applied the basecoat. The 1 mm that we left should still be uncovered. Make sure you keep applying the color as thin as possible;


After you paint all of your nails, put each hand under the LED light for the allotted time;


After this step comes the second layer of the shellac nail polish. Apply the second layer on the same way;


Put both hands under the LED light again for curing the gel polish;


Finally, apply the Shellac nails topcoat over your nails. This time you should include the uncovered 1mm we left previously. Cover the basecoat and color layers completely. This creates the so called sandwich – that will seal the color inside the basecoat and topcoat;


Put your hands under the LED light to treat the nails and let the topcoat set the final touch properly;


Wipe each nail gently with alcohol. Do this in order to remove that sticky residue on your fingers.


Well done! You just got your new shellac nails. You are welcome!

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