Seven Foods That Increase Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as HGH, is a naturally occurring hormone within the body that supports growth. HGH provides us with many other benefits too, such as improved sleep, quicker metabolism of sugar and fats, and improved muscle growth. As we age, we produce less of this hormone as we are no longer growing. Luckily there are many foods out there that can boost your HGH levels; here are seven to add to your diet.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains a certain amino acid named Glutamine, which has been shown to increase HGH within the body. Finishing your lunch with plain, organic Greek yogurt is an easy way to boost those levels. Try to avoid the fruit-infused and vanilla yogurts, as these are high in sugars and are unlikely to increase HGH. 

Raw Fish

Sushi lovers rejoice, as raw fish is a great way to naturally boost HGH levels. Raw fish has many other health benefits too and contains omega-3, which can reduce the risk of heart problems and fight anxiety and depression symptoms. When you cook most fish, you lose part or all of the omega-3, meaning eating tuna, mackerel or salmon raw is your best bet to better health.


Pineapple is one of the top foods on this list to boost your HGH levels, as it contains melatonin. Any foods containing melatonin can help you to sleep, and this is when your body produces over half of it’s HGH. Sleeping for any less than seven hours means that you will not have produced as much HGH as you need.


Eggs should be a staple part of your diet if they are not already, as they contain a number of different vitamins plus the cholesterol that you need to produce testosterone and estrogen. Those who consume a lot of eggs in their diet are more likely to lose weight easily, as well as the added bonus of increasing your HGH levels.

Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate isn’t for everyone’s taste buds but if you do like it, this is certainly a reason to eat a little more. Raw chocolate contains tryptophan, which can help with sleep quality. Furthermore, raw chocolate can actually stimulate your pituitary gland (which is the gland responsible for making HGH), meaning that your body will release more.


Nuts are one of the best foods on this list if you are looking for variety. Most nuts contain L-Arginine, which supports the production of HGH. This means eating anything from pecans to almonds to walnuts can help with HGH production, as well as stimulating weight loss. Just be careful as nuts can be quite high in calories, meaning a small handful is all you need per day.

Goji Berries

Perhaps one of the least known about foods on this list, goji berries are actually packed with vitamins and minerals that can increase the production of HGH within the body. Actually, goji berries contain 18 amino acids and 22 minerals, so if you are looking for your next superfood, give goji berries a try. 

Other Sources

Some of the foods on this list may not be suitable for those who have allergies or intolerances, or you may just not like all of them. If this is the case and you still want to boost your HGH levels naturally, it may be worth trying supplements instead. You can try buying HGH online.

HGH has many advantages and is a great hormone to increase naturally, especially as we age and produce less. Try including as many of these foods as you can into your diet or try supplements if you aren’t keen or cannot have some of the foods on this list.

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