When we kit up, dress up, suit up,or whatever you want to call putting on your clothes, there’s one article of clothing we hardly think too much about; socks. These soft, comfortable ankle huggers are just slapped onto the feet and business goes on as usual.

Nobody really gives it a second thought. As long as they match the outfit, they’re good to go, right? Well, not quite and we’re going to show you why. You see, when it comes to picking the right socks to wear, you need to be as precise as you are when picking your main outfits.

Socks are more than just feet clothing. They provide you with comfort and warmth during cold periods, make it easier to put your shoes on, have temperature regulating functions, and can also determine how smelly or hopefully not smelly your feet are.

That’s why today, we’re going to introduce you to the game-changer; Serisample’s New Bamboo Fiber Sock.

Introducing Serisample’s Bamboo Fiber Sock

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “bamboo socks?” well yeah, they’re actually a thing. A really good thing.

When you think of the bamboo plants, you immediately picture those really long green shoots that grow incredibly fast and are used as raw materials for paper, or as raw materials in building construction. This leaves you wondering what exactly socks made out of bamboo fiber really are.

Serisample has got your answer as they’ve found a way to create comfortable, antibacterial socks from bamboo fiber. Want to know how and why? Keep reading to find out the benefits of bamboo socks.

Before we proceed, what’s the biggest problem when it comes to wearing socks? You guessed it, foot odor. As nice as it feels for your feet to be covered up in warm, soft socks, spending hours in them can lead to bad feet odor and increased foot fungus.

Why are we stating the obvious? Because the fundamental property of bamboo fiber is its antibacterial nature that helps with this odor problem. This is because bamboo fiber ensures your socks are breathable, absorbent, and durable enough to keep your feet cool and dry.

The finest of bamboo fibers are cut into pieces, then a series of boiling, hammering follows. Then, with the introduction of biological enzymes, the cellulose fiber used in making the socks is obtained. This extracted fiber can now undergo cleaning and softening, creating a soft, silky bamboo sock.

After this brief “how it’s made” intro, you’re going to need the lowdown on what beneficial properties the Serisample bamboo socks have to offer.

7 “Shooting Points” Of The Serisample Bamboo Fiber Sock

Puns aside, there are several benefits of switching to Serisample’s bamboo socks. These socks are tailor-made to suit your everyday footwear comfort needs, ensuring you never have a reason to go back to your old sock ways. So, let’s look at the seven we’ve highlighted for you.

1. Gets Rid Of Moisture And Odor

One of the most annoying aftermaths of prolonged socks usage is the terrible odor that comes from your feet when you take your socks off. This is often the result of moisture in your feet all day. This creates discomfort and increases the risk of fungal infection.

The beauty of the bamboo sock is its absorbent nature. With 4 times the absorbency of cotton, bamboo fiber is your best fit for cool feet. Due to the hollow nature of the bamboo fibers, the socks are able to wick moisture away, leaving your feet cool, dry, and fungus-free.

2. Antibacterial

Ever heard of ‘bamboo kun’? We promise we didn’t make that up. This antibacterial agent is a natural component of bamboo fibers. Its function is the reduction of bacteria present in your feet that can cause health infections.

3. Soft Comfort

Who doesn’t love a soft pair of socks? The silky texture of the bamboo socks makes them feel very soft and cozy on your feet. Regardless of the zero polyesters used in making Serisample’s bamboo fiber sock, the socks possess cushioned soles that keep your feet warm and comfortable.

With the comfort of these silky socks, you don’t have to worry about the sore sight of blisters on your feet after a long day.

4. Non-allergenic Products

The most skeptical socks consumers are the customers who often experience different sorts of skin reactions and irritations. This is a big deal if you have sensitive skin which makes you conscious of all your sock purchases.

That’s why the hypoallergenic properties of the bamboo socks are the jackpot for people like you who want to see the days of skin irritations behind them. Say goodbye to those sore and itchy feet.

5. Temperature Regulating

Seasons change and so does your foot’s reaction to said weather changes. So, if you’re looking for a pair of socks to help cope with the fluctuating climate, don’t look too far.

See, with the bamboo fiber, your feet will be able to stay cool during the summer due to its breathable absorbency. Your feet can also be guaranteed warmth during the winter as the bamboo fiber sock possesses silk-level thermoregulation.

6. Long Lasting

With the listed qualities, you’re already a fan by now but the big question is do these socks last long enough for you to appreciate their value?

The answer lies in its high, abrasion-proof tolerance. This tolerance prevents the wear and tear that comes with stretching your socks over time. That way, you can enjoy the long-lasting comfort of your socks

7. Eco-friendly

Isn’t it great to know that your bamboo socks aren’t just beneficial to you but to the environment as well? The big factor in the processing of the socks is the bamboo shoot itself. You see, bamboo is an organic material that contributes more to the environment than it consumes.

Just like trees, bamboos produce oxygen. In fact, it produces 35% more oxygen than normal trees. Its processing may be carried out through chemical processes but the chemicals themselves are suppressed and rendered non-toxic both to the customer and the environment.


Socks are part and parcel of the clothing culture. Regardless of the occasion, what matters most to any sock enthusiast is the quality, comfort, and durability. This trinity of qualities makes the Serisample bamboo fiber sock a silky item to add to the cart.

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