Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer: What Does Claim Timelines Look Like?

A semi-truck accident case isn’t a one-time process. It takes time. There are a lot of timelines involved. From filing paperwork to getting a court verdict, there are lots of steps involved. Greensboro Truck Accident Lawyer is going to take you through the timelines involved in a semi-truck accident lawsuit. Keep reading.

How Long Will The Case Take?

Semi-truck accidents can take time. However, certain factors can affect the time it takes for your case to materialize. Depending on the nature of your case, a semi-truck accident can take weeks to months to complete. Thus, understand the general factors that can affect your case. Things like the complexity of your case can affect it. Also, the extend of the damage can also affect your case.

Liability Investigation

Any truck accident should start with investigations. Here, the concerned authorities will investigate to establish who was liable for the truck accident. In most cases, your insurance company may attempt to place some fault on your side. However, you shouldn’t accept liability. Instead, hire a reputable lawyer. He/she will conduct an extensive investigation to place liability at the right party. Of course, these investigations can increase the time it takes to complete your case. However, they are necessary as far as getting justice is concerned.

Very Large Policies

In most cases, semi-truck accidents carry huge coverage. That’s why the insurance company will use all tactics to place liability on your side. That’s why you should have a good legal representation. Even more, litigating these cases requires experience and skills. Going it alone is not a noble idea.

Remember, semi-truck cases result in very serious injuries. That’s why an attorney will take time to uncover crucial evidence before taking your case to court.


The extend of semi-truck accident injuries can also affect the time taken to complete your case. If you take a lot of time to recover, your case is likely to drug for months. However, if your injuries aren’t severe, they can be completed within weeks or months.

Negotiations Can Take Time

You will need to negotiate with your insurance company. Here, your lawyer will sit down with your insurance company. This process can take time. There are lots of deliberations that take place at this stage. Generally, the following factors affect the time it takes to successfully negotiate a personal injury case:

Liability findings—If it’s established that you are at fault, your overall claim will be affected. Plus, it will take your lawyer time to sit down with the insurance company to negotiate for a better claim. Still more, the insurance company may play the delay tactics to push you into accepting a raw deal.

Summary of medical treatment—If your injuries are severe, you will have more medical examinations. Your insurance company will have to go through each and every document before granting you the claim.

Available Insurance Amount —Traumatic and life-threatening injuries are easy to solve. The same applies to wrongful death. In most cases, there are explicit laws that dictate the amount to be grated in such cases.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to get the best out of your semi-truck accident case, understand the timelines involved. The above guide will help you understand semi-truck accident timelines.