Self Tan vs. Spray Tan: Which Should You Choose?

What is Tanning?

Tanning in a simplified form is the act of making a skin color in darker or tan, depending on the choice of the person requesting for a tan. The process of tanning involves the use of highly concentrated ultraviolet radiation trapped from the sun to the skin.

However, someone people may not want that concentration of the sunlight, so they opt for sunbathing, which is another form of tanning. Some others make use of artificial products to help lighten or darken their skin to their choice and taste. This type of tanning is often regarded as sunless tanning.

While tanning may be fantastic for the time being, too much tanning of the skin may result in skin damage and other disastrous skin diseases like skin cancer and so on. Some people decide to go for tanning because they are not content with the color of their skins, or they believe that it is too full and needs to be sharpened a little.

However, when misuse sets in, they continue tanning their skins, irrespective of the adverse repercussions they will face in the future. Over the years there have been reports and cases of people becoming addicted to tanning to fit in or prove people in their lives wrong, and most times, these decisions have not yielded the best results ever. The origin of tanning came from European Western Culture where women were allowed to choose any complexion that they liked and found a way to get it.

What is Self Tanning?

Put in a simple form, self-tanning is the process of tanning your skin with the right products and guidance in the comfort of your homes. When you are talking about self-tanning, there are so many products that you can choose from, and that is the most fantastic thing about self-tanning.

One of such self tanning products is known as Minetan, and it has excellent results on the skin, provided you know how to apply it. Another fantastic fact about self-tanning is that it is affordable and does not warrant you to break the bank before you can look good. The only problem you can encounter with self-tanning is when you are trying to find the right product for yourself, but besides that, you are good to go any time you go into the shower.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend hours trying to make sure that he or she gets the perfect spots on the body and does not leave out a spot, as it is done in self-tanning.

The only thing you have to do is stand in a spot with your arms up and get sprayed the way you want to. Although, being naked in the presence of the person performing this spray tan process may be awkward, but at least, you do not have to run late for that date or interview.

Which Type of Tan is Better?

Self-tan is better than spray tan because it is more conscious and attentive to the skin, even when it takes a lot of time, it makes sure that all parts of the skin get the right amount of product on them. Another reason why self-tan is more impressive than spray tan is that it takes time to massage the skin properly, to make sure that the products mix well into the skin to get the perfect results.

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