Self-Care Tips During Exam Preparation

The exam period is one of the most difficult times in an academic calendar. It is often accompanied with never-ending feelings of anxiety. Stress and many hours spent on the laptop screen can stretch someone’s nerves, and one of the major characteristics of this period is lack of self-care. The pressure generated by the desire to pass drives people up the wall so much that they forget about their routines.

While this is an important phase in a person’s life, we need to take care of our bodies. In this article, we are going to share some important self-care tips one should consider during exams.

Be intentional in taking study breaks

Studying for hours without taking some much-needed break time is a clear road to experiencing burnout. You need to create some time for conserving energy and concentration. To achieve this, it is always advisable to take some brief breaks and stretch a bit. For instance, for every hour you spend studying, you can spare a 10-15 minutes break and listen to a song, check your phone or even get some water. This relaxes your mind and prepares you for the next step ahead.

Stay hydrated

It is easy to forget about water once you delve into those books. To stay hydrated, always have a cup or bottle of water around. This will make it easy for you to sip as you study. Water boosts concentration and promotes circulation in the body. Coffee is not recommended as it contains substances that easily dehydrate, and you’re more likely to crash from the caffeine.

Get some good sleep

During exams, many students opt to cut sleep in order to study. While this looks like a noble idea, the reality is that it has devastating effects on your body. Lack of sleeps interferes with your brain’s capacity to concentrate as you prepare for the exam. In essence, it is always advisable to ensure that you get some good night’s sleep. Adequate rest boosts your concentration and coordination levels.

In addition, if you get to that point where you feel overwhelmed, take a nap. It relaxes your brain muscles and boosts your ability to continue so you don’t burnout. You want to make sure that you are best utilizing your study time and sometimes that means knowing when to stop for a bit. If you find that your studying is getting in the way of your sleep schedule, try using a tutoring service like Tutor the People to help you stay on track.

Eat healthy

Preparing for exams is quite demanding. While this is the case, the pressure that comes with exams increases the likelihood to miss meals. Just like sleep, the body needs an adequate supply of food for optimal performance. While it is easy to eat junk food, make sure that you choose healthy meals. These include vegetables, lean meats, and water to make sure that that you have sufficient energy.

Hang out with friends

Take some time and hang out with your friends. Hanging out with friends is an easy way to reduce stress levels. It is also a great way to engage in your hobbies. Without realizing it, this boosts your energy levels and prepares you for the examination process.

You may be wondering how to get this time. It is as simple as scheduling it all out and making sure you make the most of your study time. If you are not in a position to meet with your friends physically, then you can also consider doing video calls and connect with people who are outside the examination process.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Many people are hesitant to reach out for help when they need it during exam prep. However, by suffering in silence they just make themselves more miserable. Using a tutoring service, like Tutor the People, can help you better utilize your study time so you can spend more energy taking care of yourself or hanging out with friends and family.

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