Seeking to End Your Marriage During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are 7 Things to Keep in Mind

Just as many people that are scrambling to the altar to get married, an overwhelming percentage of people are scrambling to the divorce court to get annulments or divorces. In fact, in the United States, an average of 39 percent of marriages have ended up in divorce so far in the year 2020. In 2020, America and the world population is dealing with COVID-19, and it is difficult to transact a lot of business in the various agencies, including the courtroom. This article will address seven things that people should keep in mind if they are planning to get a divorce during this pandemic.

Understanding the Need to See a Divorce Lawyer

Since close to 40 percent of people are getting divorces in the United States in 2020, chances are that those people will want to find a good divorce lawyer, especially since the plan will be to end the marriage as quickly and as tidy as possible. A divorce attorney Tulsa, Oklahoma is available to answer any questions that divorcing couples may have, whether they are separating amicably or in a hostile way. It is good to know that in most cases the divorce attorney will offer an initial free consultation to let the party or parties know what to expect in a divorce proceeding. The would-be client would also want to establish a good rapport with the attorney or law firm since the client will be working closely with the lawyer or law firm.

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning to End the Marriage During COVID-19

Some of the things that will make it difficult to end a marriage during a pandemic such as COVID-19 are that there are loss of jobs, the real estate market is uncertain, the stock market is fluctuating, and the future of the economy is uncertain. In addition, the way the court system is being operated during the pandemic is not the normal procedure, so this makes it tougher to schedule times for divorce proceedings. In fact, a lot of the meetings are being done virtually rather than the traditional meetings in person in a judicial court. The least stressful way to handle things during this pandemic is for each party to get all of the financial information together ahead of time, discuss parenting options if minor children are involved, and interview all the people who will be involved in the process.

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More Things to Keep in Mind When Divorcing During the Pandemic

A way to take some of the stress off the divorce process during this pandemic is for the couple to try to come to terms themselves on a division of the assets or try mediation as another option. Another option is the collaborative process, litigation (which will be handled directly by a judge), or the traditional meeting of the two opposing attorneys. Another thing to do is for the parties to re-evaluate their living arrangements due to COVID-19 changing the way real estate proceedings are going. Doing adequate homework on this matter may save both parties a lot of grief.

Looking at More Things about Divorces During COVID-19

While looking at other things to keep in mind, it is important to note that being quarantined together does not help matters when people are divorcing, especially when there is a lot of tension. The next thing the parties getting divorced should do is to establish a budget, each for his or herself, because the pandemic has made things more expensive, such as toiletries and items like alcohol and certain brands of bleach. As mentioned before, the two parties will need to establish a parenting plan, particularly concerning the main custody of the children. If this cannot be agreed upon, other professionals will have to be brought in.

How the Pandemic Makes A Divorce Tougher

Because of the pandemic, the logistics of the divorce will have to be discussed and established, such as agreeing if virtual meetings for the divorce are going to be acceptable or will there have to be another alternative. The pandemic also makes it tough on parenting since the schools are involved, and the children are already having a difficult enough time with doing online school and going to classes in the building at alternating times. If the parties do not want to go the route of virtual meetings, they should consider that getting the divorce may be prolonged if they are waiting for a traditional route.

Other Information about Divorces During the Pandemic

While the divorcing couple is in the process of preparing for the divorce, it is important that they respect each other’s privacy, although there may be the temptation to try to catch the partner in some misconduct. It is best to just ensure that everything each party needs for the proceedings of the divorce is handled efficiently and be ready to go whenever the proceedings take place. It is also a good idea if the parties can try to remain amicable, even though it may be difficult, depending on the cause of the divorce. If attorneys are hired, it is best to let them do what they are paid to do and to get the matter over with as soon as possible.

Final Things about Divorces During the Pandemic

While waiting on the divorce proceedings, the parties involved will also want to get all of their witnesses involved who may have vital information. This is especially true if what the witnesses have to say will be done virtually, and everything will need to be clearly laid out. Those who have attorneys will want the attorneys or law firms to interview these witnesses and ensure that they understand the process thoroughly. There are other things that the parties may not have thought of and talking to their lawyer or the law firm may reveal some of these things they need to address. The pandemic is certainly not going to make the divorce easy to get, but as long as the parties remain consistent, it will get done.


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