Seeking Answers: What Is a Spiritual Advisor?

If you wanted to get in shape, you’d look for a physical fitness coach. If you wanted to lose weight, you’d at least consult the writings of a nutrition coach.

If you were starting a business, you’d look for some sort of business coach or guru – so why should your spirituality be any different?

It shouldn’t. And in this article, we’ll answer your questions about what is a spiritual advisor, where to find one, and what questions to ask.

Get started on your journey, below!

What is a Spiritual Advisor?

A spiritual advisor is essentially like a spirituality coach. They act a little bit like a teacher and a little bit like a therapist. But unlike the coaches you had in high school for sports or something more structured, you get to set the goals and determine what you’re interested in.

Let’s say you’re newly into astrology. There’s a lot more to it than your sun sign, which is the thing we’re usually taught to value in society.

Your sun sign is only one of about 15 items in your natal chart. And while you can get a natal chart reading online, it’s a lot more complicated than those free reading sites would make you believe.

Not all spiritual advisors are astrologists, but they can put you in touch with someone who can better help you understand your chart, and therefore yourself.

Characteristics of Spiritual Advisors

It’s rare you find a young spiritual advisor because they have to work through personal issues and ascend themselves before they can help you do the same.

Most of the time they are women, but men aren’t out of the picture. It’s worth exploring all the guides that appeal to you, no matter how their physical form appears.

Spiritual advisors will have their own very personal and very evolved relationship with a higher power – be it god, goddess, the universe, or mother earth itself. They will not push this belief on you – but do know it will influence their views.

They like to give homework. No, we’re not kidding. Spiritual advisors have put in a lot of work themselves, learning from others, and going through the process. They’ll likely recommend books, exercises, meditations, and other like things for you to do yourself.

When it comes to a spiritual advisor, the old saying is true: you get out what you put in.

Essentially you are investing this time and effort into yourself, they’re just helping illuminate which parts of you need a little extra love.

What Do Spiritual Advisors Do?

To sum it up simply, they listen and they love. Those are their two main jobs. But the way each person does this is different.

When they listen to you, they will help you realize where your thoughts aren’t serving you – or challenge those thoughts altogether. This is a difficult process at first – and struggle is expected.

They can help you decide a specific path to take, help you narrow down which other spiritual things you want to look into, and simply be a sounding board for your inner self.

What a Spiritual Advisor is Not

A spiritual advisor is not a therapist, though they may be able to recommend one that they think would be a good fit for you.

They’re also not a psychic. A psychic answers specific questions or channels pre-determined messages. They are the vessel that information passes through.

A spiritual advisor is a vessel that gives out information and helps refer you to others if they don’t know.

A spiritual advisor is also not someone who is going to give you one clear answer. They cannot (and will not) tell you what direction to take, what words to say, or fix your problems for you.

They are there to guide you, not control you. You’re the one that walks down the path, they are the ones that help prepare you for each step.

When to See a Psychic vs a Spiritual Advisor

Let’s say you feel like your marriage is falling apart. You suspect your significant other is cheating and you want to know the truth.

That’s when you’d go to a psychic for a love reading.

If you feel like your marriage is falling apart and you want to figure out your role in it, how to make it better, or how to avoid it in your next relationship, that’s when you’d see a spiritual advisor.

A spiritual advisor will always help you heal your relationship with yourself first. Only then can you heal your relationship with others!

Do You Need a Spiritual Advisor?

If you clicked on this article, traditional methods are probably not working for you. You may feel like religion leaves something to be desired, or that you disagree with too many points to reach out to a religious leader.

You may be in therapy, but you’re left wondering what role spirituality plays in your life- and how you can add more spiritual tools to your toolbox.

Or perhaps you just need guidance and don’t know where to turn.

A spiritual advisor is a good idea in all of these situations. And even if you think your life is perfect – that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out. Things can always be better!

Seeing Above and Beyond

If you’re ready to start serving yourself first, in the least selfish way possible, please look into spiritual advisors. Most will do free consultations and can answer any questions that this “what is a spiritual advisor” guide didn’t answer.

As always, we wish you well on the journey to show up as your highest self for you (first) and your loved ones.

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