See how to transform a room with DIY wallpaper

Many homeowners have tried to use press and peel wallpaper to decorate their bedrooms and other rooms but only a few of them know how to go about it and utilize it to its fullest potential. The fact is wallpapers can be used in countless ways and shouldn’t just be thrown up on the walls. They are a major player in designs and decorations that people can utilize to seasonally decorate their rentals or children’s rooms. So what is the best ways of using DIY wallpapers in decorating a room? Let’s find out. Here are your top favorite DIY wallpaper accent wall thoughts that will help you create a beautiful and dramatic focal point in your bedroom, sitting room, or any other room in your house. 


This is the first idea that focuses mainly on black and white and varying tones. Most homeowners always go for bold and dramatic wallpapers skipping the idea of subtle and playful designs. Going with a Monochrome brings fresh black and white patterned walls which are perfect for small spaces in your house. It’s a simple approach that doesn’t overpower creating a sleek and less urbane finish to your bedroom, kitchen, or your living room. 

Bright and Bold

Another simple yet attractive way of using DIY wallpapers is adding bright and bold colors. This adds energy to your home and eliminates overwhelming senses. The best approach to this case is to add a loud wallpaper because it adds extra life into space. For an extra statement, you can pair loud wallpapers with a neutral base. 

Add texture

Wallpapers can be used to add texture in all rooms in your house. Texture in interior design refers to how something looks like it feels. The best approach is to purchase DIY wallpapers for the boy’s room because it makes the room more visually stimulating. It doesn’t matter which print you are currently using in your bedroom, getting the right wallpaper will add texture to the rooms. I also recommend amplifying the feeling of the texture by just choosing a rough-looking pattern. You should go with a print-inspired natural material like wood or stones.

Walls need love wallpapers

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom? If yes, then your walls definitely need love wallpapers. Long-distance love wallpapers bring the sense that distance is just a test of how far love can go. They are perfect for seasonal surprises for your significant others. They can easily be used during anniversaries and homecoming parties for your lover. 


It makes sense to add floral accent wallpapers that create a charming backdrop in your house. They work perfectly fine for bedrooms, daughters’ rooms, and living rooms. Regardless, you can use floral wallpapers in any other room in your house. 

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The above DIY wallpaper ideas look to add impact to your home. They are simple but effective in transforming any room in your house whether seasonal or permanently. Regardless of whether you want to add a statement in a small space or you want to create a warm atmosphere for a seasonal occasion, the above ideas will come in handy.