Seasonal Weekly Office Flowers to Brighten Your Work Space

It is such a refreshing feeling when you go to work and the first thing that will greet you on your workspace is a fresh cut flower. It can surely bring happiness to your day. It will not only impress you but also your visitors or clients. Flowers create an encouraging place to work that will make your working environment a calm and welcoming place for everyone.

In the latest studies, putting flowers in your workspace has a lot of positive benefits. It has been shown that flowers stimulate and improves creativity while boosting concentration and improving your memory. Also, one positive benefit of putting fresh flowers in your workspace swiftly improves your mood. Both women and men who have flowers in their office manifested more innovative thinking and created more original solutions as compared to other workers whose workspace do not have flowers. It was also demonstrated that people with fresh flowers in their workspace are less worried and have a few periods of anxiety.

To simply put it, flowers can really help a lot of people at work to feel more relaxed and comfortable. So, if you are planning to seasonal weekly office flower delivery in your workspace, here are the recommended flowers that will surely brighten your working environment.


Roses are known as a symbol of love and the most beautiful flower in the world. Roses have also health benefits like its petals act as a vitamin C that helps boost your immune system. Rose is also extracted and used as a Rose Oil, that is very effective in relieving anxiety, stress & acts as an anti-depressant for those depressed people.


Sunflowers can absorb the toxins that are being emitted. In Japan, where millions of people were affected by the devastating tsunami that they experienced, and the Fukushima nuclear powers were destroyed, the Japanese citizens planted the sunflowers because they are good at absorbing toxins.


Amaryllis is a South African native perennial bulb type flower that is very easy to grow and care for. Make sure to place the bulb in a warm place with indirect sunlight as this will make it grow quicker and makes the stems stronger preventing it from tripping or falling when growing their potential height. Amaryllis grow in a variety of colors of white, red and pink. They are commonly used as a traditional flower arrangement for weddings.


Phalaenopsis Orchids is a beautiful and elegant white flower that is perfect for your working space because it is usually kept inside. You don’t need to expose them in the direct heat of the sun because they can thrive in indirect sunlight. Make sure to place them beside the window. Putting this exotic yet dramatic looking flower will surely make a big impact on your small workspace.


The buds of a Lily are in a trumpet-like shape plus it has a long stem. There are many varieties of lilies growing around the world and one of the most common during winter is the calla lily. Calla Lily is commonly in white and most often used in wedding floral arrangements. White lilies symbolize chastity or purity.


Daphne is is a type of winter season flower that is an example of an evergreen shrub. Its foliage has a shiny texture and can reach as tall as 3 feet. It has a rich history because it was named after an ancient Greek goddess. This flower is perfect for your workspace because it only requires minimal care. You don’t need to pour water everyday plus it grows faster too.


Jasmine is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. It’s not prone to pests nor to any kind of plant diseases. Plus it can thrive in any weather conditions, as well as any type of soil. You can either put a bouquet in a vase or put in a pot where you can place it in your workspace. It wouldn’t take much of your effort in taking care of this flower because they are easy to maintain.


Daisies are bright and cheerful flowers that will surely brighten your works space when you arrive. They are not just pleasant in the eyes but they are are also incredible at cleaning the air. This flower is also easy to maintain because it only needs minimal light every day so you don’t need to go out and expose them in the direct heat of the sun. And you only need to water them if you start to notice that the potting mix is dry when you touch them. It’s great if you combine it with other colors of Gerbera Daisies to give that gradient effect. This flower can stand even in harsh weather conditions and can last for weeks if you put them in a vase if you just take care of them properly.

A lot of companies nowadays are putting flowers and plants in their office not just for aesthetic purposes but also for health benefits. For example, putting flowers or plants in your office space will naturally help you manage stress. It also enhances creativity and it filters out air toxins. So putting one at your own workspace will not only brighten your day but will also benefit you in so many ways.

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