Sculptra Before and After

We have great news for lovers of natural appearance, beautiful and even skin without wrinkles, even after 30. There are dermal fillers that stimulate natural collagen production, do not add artificial volume to the surface, so there is no chance to look overdone after the procedure. Sculptra is an innovative cosmetic drug to enhance beauty and youth from the inside. It is like your skin just better.

What is Sculptra?

Currently, it is №1 remedy to stimulate the organism’s own collagen production with poly-L-lactic acid. Unlike familiar to everybody fillers with hyaluronic acid, they do not restore the volume or eliminate wrinkles and folds by introducing additional substances, filling the hollow spaces. Poly-L-lactic acid acts on the deeper level of the skin tissues and helps it relaunch the processes of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. Thus, the rejuvenating happens from inside by the forces of the organism itself. The most significant benefit of Sculptra injections is that there no chances to look artificial or overdone. Your family and friends may not even guess you have done something to your face. They will just notice the gradual and beautiful effect of rejuvenating and wonder the reason.

Sculptra before and after

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid boast immediate visible results. Poly-L-lactic acid does not provide such effect, as the principle of its action is totally different. Directly after Sculptra injections, you will not see a difference, but do not rush to get upset. After a few weeks, you will notice the improvement of the complexion. The skin will become healthier and more radiant. With time, the improvements will become more noticeable and more profound: the natural volume of the tissues restores, wrinkles disappear, elasticity and skin turgor renew. At the same time, your face looks maximally natural, and the traces of any external intervention are not noticeable.

Sculptra effects duration

In general, the procedure includes approximately three sessions of injections with an interval in three-four months to have maximally positive rejuvenating effects. In any case, it is individual and depends, first of all, on the patient’s age and initial condition of the skin. Lifestyle also plays a crucial role. So, how long does Sculptra last? If you have completed the whole course of injections recommended by your cosmetologist, you may enjoy naturally young, smooth, and beautiful skin up to two years.

Which is better Sculptra or Radiesse? They both work well for the long-term perspective, providing natural results without looking artificial or overdone, but what will work better, particularly in your case, can answer just a professional after careful examination of your skin and studying your health history.


It is a perfect solution for those who want to enhance their natural beauty and help the skin to resist the negative influence of the environment and time. Naturally-looking Sculptra before and after results, smooth skin without wrinkles, bright and healthy complexion, minimal external invasion, and safety, all of these is about poly-L-lactic acid.

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