Scientists: How The Eye Color Correlates With Your Personality

For the past decade, the scientists really want to find out the connection between the eye color and human’s personality.

There must be something behind the color of your eyes. Some hidden message everyone should recognize. Even though I’m against it, you know how scientists and people are.

The saying “eyes are the mirror or window of the soul” didn’t come from nowhere.

A recent study talks about the link between the eye color and personality. 428 subjects have been tested at the Orebro University in Sweden to make this study successful.

According to the lead researcher of this study, Dr. Antony Fallone of Edinburg University, the eye is neurologically connected to the brain and the eyes represent the only part of the brain you can see from the outside.

He added that the eyes hold vital clues to the function of our brain.

Below you can find what researchers have managed to gather during their study.

Scientists: How The Eye Color Correlates With Your Personality

This really amazed me. I know some people won’t accept their personality like it is described here. They refuse to believe in what others say about them.

Let’s go:

Dark Brown/Black Eyes

Naturally gifted leader who is born with a purpose. People with darker eyes are more agreeable. You are less into drinking alcohol and having late nights out.

You are more of a sports person. If you can find the inner strength you could, some day, rule the world.

Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed people are recognized by their strong inner and physical strength. People fail to see this in you and they judge you too quickly before they even have a chance to get to know you better.

You are able to handle stress and anxiety better than the others. You are ambitious, sharp, and inquisitive.

When it comes to the professional path, not much stands in your way.

Gray Eyes

People with these eyes are rare. They are unique. This color is more of a shade color of blue, but it makes these people really special.

You are a balanced person, but sometimes the inner part of you can cause troubles. You find it difficult to control it.

Whenever you want to bring yourself into action or connect with people, you put up a barrier wall as a defensive system.

Only the strongest people could go through that barrier to see your strength of character.

Hazel Eyes

The uncommon shade of blue. These people were born special. You are independent, very confident, and spontaneous.

Your personality can be a little more difficult to predict. That’s okay because people enjoy in your presence because you can be unpredictable and make them work for your approval.

Green Eyes

People with green eyes always scare me. I don’t know why, but when I see a green-eyed person I think there is something hidden inside. Even though they are really present at first sight.

The scientists say that these people are more alluring and mysterious. They are considered sexy and widely appealing to others.

You can be unpredictable, but not fast on decisions and anger. You are very creative and perform better under pressure.

Was this study accurate for your eyes and personality?

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