Safety First When Trick Or Treating

Halloween is an exciting time for the young and the young at heart. Parents and caregivers will accompany the little ones on a door to door adventure of just how many goodies they can gather in a single night. However, there are certain guidelines that should be followed in order to be assured that the kids (and the adults) will be safe while seeking out those special snacks.

Pay Attention.

An extra helping of caution is advisable on Halloween. There are drivers who are in a hurry to get home to their own kids – and there may be some who started celebrating that little bit early (with some adult beverages). Pay that little bit more attention to your surroundings. Leave your phone in your pocket until it is safe to take photographs. Just take a little more care. You could try giving all of the kids in your group Halloween light up necklaces in the same color, so you can count them at a glance.

Avoid the Dark.

It may be great spooky trick or treat fun but it’s preferable to start the trick or treat exercise while it is still light. Take the kids out early and then settle into a get together at someone’s house to keep the fun going. It’s a far safer option than wandering sometimes menacing nighttime streets. Gathering together in a single location is great family-friendly fun as well.

Sidewalk Safety.

Stay on the sidewalk. It may be tempting to follow other families as they meander down a road -but that is simply unsafe. A careless driver can easily create carnage through simple inattention. Better to be safe than sorry.

Safety in Numbers.

It’s always preferable to do the door to door rounds in a group. Gather together friends, neighbors and family and make the exercise even more fun. There is also safety in numbers. More people means more eyes on the kids and on the road to prevent accidents.

Keep Your Fields of Vision Clear.

The temptation to purchase a great mask to finish off the costume that you or your child is wearing can be overwhelming. But try and avoid masks that obstruct your vision. It makes keeping an eye on the kids more difficult and makes spotting trouble more difficult. Keep your lines of sight open.

In the midst all the excitement of preparing for that special Halloween evening, it is easy to forget how important safety is when going from door to door across the neighborhood. Have some fun – but also be aware and cautious as you accompany your kids and share in their excitement.

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