Rock The Summer With 20 Easy And Stylish Top DIY’s

Oh summer. I love you. Please don’t leave us now and forever!

I’ve spent the past week collecting all of my winter clothes. Don’t worry. I locked them up deep in the closet. It’s time for the summer clothes.

I know all of you, including me, will go shopping this weekend, but I first I need to share something with you. Maybe the usefull tips you will see below how to turn your old clothes into summer time outfit will spare you a couple of dollars.

What amazed me the most is that these ideas can be combined with everyting. I already know which ones of these designs I will do in the next couple of days.

You can’t find a design like this in the fancy stores you want to visit this weekend. Luckly for you I found them and you can create them.

Who knows, maybe you will open up a workshop for creations like these.

1. Denim Crop Top

denim crop top

Tutorial via

2. Knotted Bottom Crop Top

crop top b +

Tutorial via

3. Braided Top


Tutorial via

4. Woven Crop Top


Tutorial via

5. Party Top

party top

Tutorial via

6. Short Dress Into Peplum Top


Tutorial via

7. Wrap Crop Top


Tutorial via

8. Ropes Sway Top


Tutorial via

9. Asymmetric Top With Leather Sleeve


Tutorial via

10. From Trousers To Top


Tutorial via

11. Crop Top From Old Sweater

Blog June 28 035

Tutorial via

12. Off The Shoulder Top


Tutorial via

13. Crop Top And Skirt From A Dress


Tutorial via

14. Mesh Summer Top


Tutorial via

15. Scarf Three Ways


Tutorial via

16. Crop Top Knitting Pattern


Tutorial via

17. Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top


Tutorial via

18. Lace Crop Top


Tutorial via

19. Summer Scarf Halter Top


Tutorial via

20. Bandana Crop Top


Tutorial via

It’s all about looking free and fresh during the sumer.

Make sure your friends get these creations. Use the sharing buttons below.

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