Roborock S4: a high-end robot at a reasonable price

We are not going to present to you again the very young company founded in 2014 by Richard Chang, but know that at Roborock innovation is a master-word since the company dedicates 40% of its 500 employees to R & D.

Unboxing of Roborock S4

Surprise! This time, the cardboard is not white, but cardboard color. And we love its color cardboard … A little coffee, not to say brown, but with the impression of the contours of the robot on its front, and a small Roborock logo on his rear.

By the way, do you know why Roborock has a Z-shaped logo? Because his robots have introduced an innovative cleaning method with Z-shaped movements. Do not thank us for this minute of high-tech culture, all the pleasure is for us!

OK, it’s basic, certainly, but the goal of Roborock is here to deliver a robot vacuum cleaner with excellent value for money, so why not save the expensive packaging that may, in addition, to finish in the garbage?

At the opening, we are quickly reassured: Roborock did not save on the design! Better still, his new robot has its own look and is not content to take over that of the S6. And it must be admitted, the Roborock S4 is very successful and his black dress suits him perfectly! Round in shape, like most robot vacuums on the market, its glossy coating is very pleasant. Some prefer white, which we can fully understand, but keep in mind that these devices constantly carry dust and live closer to the ground.

Roborock S4 is very successful and his black dress suits him perfectly

As always, the robot is perfectly protected. Supplied with a spare HEPA filter and a cleaning brush, the Roborock S4 comes with a quick start guide and a user manual. You never know, it can serve, but it’s more about providing some maintenance tips than to approach the installation that does not suffer from the slightest difficulty, a force of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

You’ve probably noticed the power cable … Cable to fit into the charging station, or dock, which looks much like the S6, although the method of docking is somewhat different. A cover offers the possibility of concealing the power cable in a hatch located at the back, as in any high-end robot.

Roborock S4: Always easy to install and complete thanks to Xiaomi Home / Mi Home

Easy installation

If rumors suggest that Roborock is about to regain his independence and put his robots back only under his own control, the S4 settles and controls himself as his elder via the Xiaomi Home application, Mi Home for intimate, or the Roborock app. You have a choice! Hopefully, whatever happens, simplicity is always preserved … If we did not experience the same phenomenon of the instant proposal of the robot by the application, the installation of Roborock S4 is almost as fast.

A wealth of Xiaomi Home

Xiaomi Home is still as rich and the possibilities offered to control the Roborock S4 are almost as numerous as for the S6. Yes, almost, because as you will see the S4 cannot quite do as much as the S6

At the opening, you will find a vignette with a visual of the S4. Just open it to access its control screen.

  • Three areas are displayed at the top: “cleaning area” with the cleaned area in m², a gauge in “remaining battery” and the last cleaning time in “Cleaning time”.
  • In the middle, you find a map. This will only be recorded after the first complete cleaning of your home. Let the robot do it, even if it’s a bit long, you will appreciate afterwards to have a complete map.
  • At the bottom right of the map, a small pictogram allows you to choose the suction power delivered by the Roborock S6: silent, balanced, turbo or max.
  • Below the map are three options: “room” that allows you to send the robot to a particular room, “all” that launches an automatic cleaning and leaves the robot free to do as it sees fit, “zone” for select the perimeter of your choice.
  • Bottom, finally, two big buttons allow

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