Revising Your Resume If You’re A Stay-At-Home Parent

At a glance, your interviewer knows all the basic information about you. It happens so fast, every time a recruitment process is carried out. The interviewer spends an average of 8 seconds to assess whether you’re worthy of being called up for an interview. Hence, your resume is your one-stop opportunity to market yourself in this competitive world we live in.

The search for a job is one that can be overwhelming in any industry, especially for a parent who has been away from such work for some time. As they are called “stay-at-home parents”, because of the gap period they took in their careers. Nonetheless, this doesn’t spell doom or the end of their career path in their respective fields. With a little focus and research, your resume can be made whole again, ready to go back into the business arena and preach your gospel sporadically. 

The search methods to catch with developments differ with each parent. It is generally easier to make use of the internet. There are many online materials on your various fields of wok, to help bring you up to speed. For example, access to the internet allows you to get help at CraftResumes, and similar sites that organize your resume for you. This saves a lot of time, money and effort.

It is totally fine to take a hiatus and return after a few years, people do it all the time. What is important is your ability to update your resume to fit the ever-changing nature of the business or industry you want to delve into. This write-up is a simple guide to make your reentry as smooth as a space rocket returning into the earth’s atmosphere. Read more and enjoy your descent back into the workforce.

Decide on what to do

Be specific about what industry or business you want to return to. Having a clear mind as to what you want helps a lot. It gives you the focus to go for what you want, hitting the nail on the head. It helps to know how to channel your energy to be more task-specific.

As the saying goes,” Jack of all trades, but master of none” This applies to those who have no preference fell it’s a game of numbers. Specialization correlates to relevance in many fields, so it’s good that your resume states explicitly fields and job descriptions you’re bound to excel in.

Investigate the industry

Take a moment to research the recent developments in your work field. This may be a bit strenuous but will save you a lot of undesirable circumstances in the future. A well-revised resume should reflect new changes in the work rules, practices, and ethics. This would determine if certain styles and things acceptable in the past are now obsolete or even unacceptable.

Also, through research, you can learn the best practices used in the recruitment processes of big companies. Then you align your resume to make the best of these practices. Reach out to old colleagues and friends to make your research process more familiar and easy.

Know your SWOT

Self-awareness is vital when revising your resume to be brilliant. It is detrimental to overshoot when putting your resume together. Overshoot in this context means to say what you’re not, or what you cannot defend. This act is tantamount to career suicide and can mar your efforts later on.

It is paramount that you know your SWOT,” strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats”. This knowledge of self allows you to reorganize your resume to reflect your present work state and abilities. It allows t\you to then make the best of your opportunities available. To the extent possible, stay clear of your threats keeping emphasis minimal.

Talk about your gap

Many would prefer to ignore the elephant in the room by being evasive, trying to not discuss their service gap. To the interviewer, this shows deviousness and a lack of integrity. Be yourself, own up to the glaring fact that you’ve spent time away from the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Dwell on this briefly, highlighting the duration and important details. It should be short and concise.

What you’re trying to achieve here is to let it be understood in your application that you’re comfortable with this fact. It shows that you’re a straightforward person who handles business situations with untainted clarity of mind, having nothing to hide. This sells to employers, as a marker for a great follower, and enthusiasm that can rival that of colleagues who have been in the business for long.

Identify your gains during your time away from the office setting. Show works done during this period that kept you busy involving mental and interpersonal skills. Such works include freelance jobs and volunteer jobs. List alongside the skills required for such activities that you’ve acquired.

Final Thoughts

Generally, it is wiser that you orient your resume to be less particular on your chronological work experience. It should concentrate more on your marketable skill set and qualifications. Be confident in your abilities. Avoid falling into the loop of personal paranoia due to the length of time away from work. With these baby steps, you’re well on your way back to the world of career.

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