Fall is here again, and yes, while we are sure to miss the sun and the time spent at the beach sunbathing, rocking our bathing suits, and all the fun stuff that comes with summertime, we can’t help but transition with the breezy change.

It’s important to stay fashionable and voguishin every season, and blending with each season’s style and beauty focus is one way to achieve the classy status. With the drop in temperature, it’s now all about layering and buckling up.

For those who may be finding it difficult to have a smooth transition into the new season, keep on reading for some great fashion tips that will surely help improve your style game this fall.


Switch up your wardrobe by adding colors. Dress the season by wearing orange, yellow, brown, green, burgundy, and grey, purple, gold. Be bold enough to move on from match on match and color block instead. For significant pieces that are dark or solid colors, bring in some color with your accessories. When going for summery colors, pair with deep colored fall staples to give you the fall flair. Monochromatic ensembles are allowed too. Pull off a head-turning monochromatic look by wearing pieces from the same fabric like leather.


No, you do not have to put away your summer dresses just yet. You can give your summer dresses a cold-weather allure by layering them with heavier clothing.  For instance, pair your midi and maxi dresses with a cable knit sweater or cardigan and boots.  Wear a boyfriend blazer or a coat, cape-like, over your short summer dress for an exquisite look. Transform your sheer dress to a fall ensemble by wearing it beneath a trench or teddy coat with heeled loafers or tall boots.


Yes, you can show some skin while still maintaining the season’s fashion focus. Rock your denim cutoffs, miniskirts, mini dresses, and shorts by pairing with coats, jackets, cardigans, boots, or sneakers.

Pair leather shorts with a tee and a cashmere cardigan over ankle boots for a casual “everyday” look or gear up with a solid colored crop top over baggy shorts paired with an attractive-colored denim jacket or quilt jacket.


There are no rules against accessorizing, no, not one! Give rest to your lightweight and silky scarves and accessorize with more chunky kinds like knitted, wool, muffler, and blanket scarves. While you may have felt less overwhelmed with your summer inclined scarves, look up to these fall scarves with the mindset that they will keep you warm and still pass off as trendy. Play dress up with your fancy earrings, chokers, and necklaces. Go for loops earrings when wearing chin high pieces like turtlenecks, and if you would instead go for a small selection of earrings or none at all, supplant with a simple slim necklace.

Adopt hats like turbans, beanies, berets, baker boy caps, bucket hats, and fedoras. Spice up your ensemble by embellishing studs and faux pearls and gems on your hats, adding a veil or net for some dramatic feel, or decorating with brooches and pins.


The chunkier, the warmer, so go all out if you feel brave enough for it, no pressure.  Accessorize with chunky jewelry if you want to; dress up with chunky foot wares, layer your thinner and lightweight outfits with coats, cardigans, and slouchy sweaters. There is no gain saying that summer pieces make you feel light and free, but wearing multiple clothing pieces can be fun.

Pair your dungarees with a tee or a long-sleeved shirt and throw on a denim or leather Moto jacket. Combine your miniskirt with an oversized turtleneck and a trench coat or a boyfriend jacket.  Spice up your boyfriend blazers by wearing it with a turtleneck and skinny pants or wide-leg pants.

Instead of layering, you can go for one-off chunky outfits like a slouchy sweater dress paired with a fanny pack wrapped around the waist and a bucket hat or oversized sweaters on denim with boots, your favorite summer skirt with a classic fall sweater.

Take baby steps with these tips, and in no time, you would be your own fall-inspiration go-to.

Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

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