Revamp Your Living Room: Some Must-Have Italian Furniture Pieces

If only shifting homes was as easy as traveling, we would do it all the time. When you reach a point in life where everything has been the same for years, including the way your living room looks, you know something has got to change. How about furniture? Yes, you bought a lot of furniture on sale or in bulk when you first got the house and now you probably have nowhere to keep them. It is time to get rid of them! A different perspective is necessary to achieve a different look. Cattelan Italia furniture offers just that. They create modern, chic furniture that is minimalistic and efficient. Their inventions may look like art but that is because every piece is carefully thought of and built. Here are some of them that will help revamp your living room:

All Time Favourite: Arcadia Dining Chair 

This dining chair is available in a variety of colors. It transforms your hall by giving it an elegant touch. They have usually upholstered alternatives of leather of fabric, according to the theme and mood of your room. Depending on the purpose it serves, it is available in high and low back options. 

Classy And Massy: Elite Round Dining Table And Chairs 

This dining table is perfect for any living room. Its high glass tops are transparent, easy to maintain, and sophisticated. This no-nonsense look serves as a perfect dining table for the family to gather around and blends into any living room. 

Simple And Stylish: A Piquant Bookcase

This one is for the minimalist fans. It is ideal for a small or big room. Probably the perfect space saver, the bookshelf serves is a wonderful way to store and display items. The architecture of the bookshelf is intricately detailed and adds a 3D effect to your living room. You can contrast the squares with other shapes like the round dining table mentioned above. 

Efficiency In Form: Seneca TV Unit

There are too many over the top TV units out in the market. Some of these take up too much space in your living room or overpower everything else. Available for purchase in graphite and white, this TV Unit is a perfect blend of style and utility. It comes with incredible storage space as well. It allows the right amount of space for your television and three or four-door cabinets to keep books and other things handy. It is simple and futuristic in design. Without taking up too much space, it gives your room a contemporary look. 

A Class Apart: Prisma Sideboard

The Prisma sideboard adds layers to your living room with this clean-cut lines and angles. The drawers give the right amount of storage space. Easily adjustable and movable, it The three available colors are walnut finish, white lacquer, and polished black. The clear glass shelving makes for a classy look. 

A Leader In Design: Monaco Drive Dining Table 

This table is a minimalist dream. It has a no-fuss look and can host a great dinner with family and friends. The black rectangular base can form a great contrast to other pieces in the room. Though black is an instant favorite with customers, it is available in more alternatives like oak and walnut as well. 


Furniture is extra special because it becomes a part of your life and its utility may change accordingly over the years. It is crucial to pick the right furniture that complements your personality and is pleasing to the eye. The best part about owning the above furniture pieces is that they can be customized over the years and give u enough to be able to add pieces in the long run. Like homes, buying furniture too is an important call and some minimalistic pieces should make your job easier. Hopefully, the list helped and you have found the right furniture pieces for your humble abode!


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