Reuse Your Old And Broken Make-up In 13 Ingenious Ways

The broken make-up always ends up in the trash. But, it don’t need to be like that. Just the other day I felt too tired to throw away my daughter’s old or couple-of-years-unused makeup products and came up with this.

I decided to find a few things that will make her reuse it. She didn’t like that at first, but when she saw these amazing ideas, she came up with a couple on her own.

This came out as a productive and interesting thing and that’s why I’m sharing it with your right now.

All the tutorials and ideas you see below will save you lots of money you’d “throw” away for new makeup.

If you are tired of these new products that break a few days after you buy them, this is for you.

It’s time to return the favor and “fix” them.

Or, you can use them to paint a beautiful decorative painting for your walls. Either way, you will quit spending money on new makeup at least for a month or two.

1. Eyeshadow To Paint DIY

Eyeshadow To Paint DIY

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2. Lip Balm From Old Make-up

Lip Balm

Tutorial via

3. How To Repair Broken Make-up


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4.  Easy Way To Repair Your Favorite Broken Lipstick



Tutorial via

5. DIY Eye Gloss


Tutorial via

6. Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color


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7. Make Eyeliner Using Eyeshadow

Make Eyeliner Using Eyeshadow

Tutorial via

8. Colorful Decor Pieces


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9. Animal Prints

Animal Prints1

Tutorial via

10. Make Cream Eyeshadow

cream eyeshadow

Tutorial via

11. DIY Illuminator


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12. Get 4 Products From Liquid Fondation And…


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13. DIY Body Bronzer & Cheek Stain


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Awesome right?

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They have old makeup somewhere in their homes, as well.

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