Results of Poor Roofing Installation – Watch Out for These Signs

So, you had a new roof installed on your home, and now all of a sudden you are having all sorts of problems. What do you do? You can’t just simply get ahold of a roofing contractor to fix the problem, because you need to know whether you’re entitled to compensation first, or better yet, you also need to know that your roof damage is actually from a bad roofing job.

Unfortunately, the common mistake is that if you pay for an unlicensed contractor, you may have had a bad roof installation, and then all of your money’s just sitting in their pocket, but the job was finished, leaving you out of money and at the same time leaving you with roof problems. You may not even notice right off the bat that your roof installation was badly done, but rather than taking a decade or two, you’ll notice that in the a few months or years that you have issues, you may have been duped.

If You Have Leaks

If you notice that you have small leaks that are tiny, and cause water damage over a matter of time, you may have a bad roof. Not only that, but if you notice things like mold in your attics and moisture, it’s because the contractor didn’t install the right barriers to keep your roof and home protected right.

Insulation Problems

If you notice that your roof doesn’t allow airflow to work properly, moisture, or even issues with keeping heating and cooling in your home, you may have a bad roof. If it’s shortly after the new roof was installed (meaning a few months or years, or sometimes sooner). If this happens extremely shortly after a roofing installation, then get ahold of that contractor and you may want to get ahold of your insurance company and a lawyer too.

Your Utility Bills Spike

Roofs help keep excess moisture and heat or cold air out of your home. If you notice that your utility bill is gradually increasing faster than it should (electricity, gas, heating and cooling, etc.), then you may want to take a good look at your roof. If you notice that you have worn areas quickly after getting it installed, or notice that your roof is letting in hot or cold air, you could be losing more money than what it’s worth.


Bad roofing jobs are no laughing matter, and they can have detrimental impacts on your home, your family’s health, and even your safety. You need to make sure the roofing job is done properly with a licensed contractor like Shelter Roofing. If you suspect that the contractor who replaced your roof did it wrong, you may be entitled to compensation, and you can get ahold of your insurance company, and get ahold of both that contractor, as well as find another reputable contractor to get the job fixed right.

By having another contractor do the work, you may be able to get your money back or be compensated for some of the damages due to the neglect of the previous contractor that messed up your home. Also, have your homeowner’s insurance company come out there and do a proper evaluation, and they’ll be able to help determine (along with the licensed and insured roofer you choose) whether or not it was due to other elements or just a poor roofing job, which will furthermore help your case.

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