Results After Taking Asox9

The market of sexual enhancers is full of products that lead to nothing, but disappointment. By the time you’re 35 you slowly start losing your sexual drive, and you would like to use certain pills that would bring your force back. But buying sexual performance enhancing supplements without reading fresh reviews on it, you may end up spending your money on nothing. Today we are going to talk about one of the top-selling sexual enhancers on the market. Let’s check out how effective is Asox9.

What is Asox9?

Asox9 is a sexual performance enhancing supplement. While the vast majority of sexual enhancers’ manufactures claim that their product can, aside from increasing your libido, enlarge your penis size. In the end you would end up disappointment, even if your sex drive is high again. As of now, there is no pill that would enlarge your penis, even if this information won’t prevent you from buying new goods that promise you that. Asox9 developers, however, doesn’t promise that their product would give you something that it won’t. If you check out Asox9 site, you would see clear information on the product and even a warning that you shouldn’t try this product without consulting your doctor. Sounds quite trustworthy, right? Now, let’s check out what Asox9 is promised to provide you with and how its ingredients correspond to those promises.

Asox9’s Ingredients

Whether it is true or just a clever marketing tool, according the Asox9 website, the product was developed by Christopher Gordon, who suffered from sexual dysfunction himself. After spending a few years in vain on finding the perfect supplement that would fix this problem, Christopher Gordon decided to invent such a supplement himself. Asox9 is promised to increase your libido and improve your performance in bed. The pill is famous for not containing the ingredients that are usually found in sexual enhancers. So, let’s figure out the ingredients of Asox9 without further ado.

Tongkat Ali Extract – Frequently used for treatment of sexual dysfunction, this extract improves your sperm quality.

Maca Extract – This extract increases your libido.

L-Arginine – This ingredient provides you with stiffness via increasing the blood flow to your penis.

Zinc – Asox9 is the only sex enhancer to contain Zinc, a compound that can be found in Oysters. This ingredient increases the level of testosterone.

Now, here is the simple formula: A great sexual performance requires a high level of libido, which is impossible with the decreasing with age level of testosterone. You need stiffness in your penis to succeed in your performance in bed. Thus, Asox9’s ingredients ultimately correspond to the promised effect of the product.

The Desired Effect

According to the statistics, 83% of Asox9’s consumers reach the desired effect in the course of a few weeks. 5% of the product’s consumers reach the desired effect in less than one week. Mind that the result depends on your age, as the older you get the longer it takes to restore the level of testosterone.

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