Have you always been a helping hand to others? Does your heart shiver when you see someone in distress? Instead of making your life full of happiness, do you want to fill others’ lives with tranquility? Does your heartache at the miseries of others? If you have been the most friendly and supportive person among the people you live with, you can turn your traits into a profession. 

Nursing is a profession that blossoms mercy. It is a helping hand for those who are going through excruciating pain. They pull the people out of their miseries. Along with helping doctors in routine operations and stuff, nurses may also have their clinics to provide medical assistance. The field of nursing is diverse. There are various options to opt for from a lengthy list. Nursing professionals require proper education as well as practices to become a certified nurse. No matter what profession of nursing you choose, your prime aim is to serve humanity.

One of the versatile fields of nursing is forensics. It was established to combine law and medical fields. It encompasses professionals that serve the vital role of merging medical with judicial systems. Forensic nursing asks for professionals who can deal with heart-wrenching accidents and have the audacity to deal with criminals. To collect proofs from the crime scene and ensure justice, forensic nursing investigators play a prominent role. Without their services, it becomes challenging to examine the victims and to search for solid shreds of evidence.

Forensic nurses have to perform a variety of jobs to ensure justice. Here are some of the noticeable responsibilities of a forensic nurse in providing health and safety.

Dealing with Sexual Assault Victims

One of the prime jobs of a forensic nurse is to deal with the people who have suffered from sexual assaults. People go through traumas and never-ending stress due to these demonic actions. It is tough to make people realize their worth and to make them stand against cruelty. Their job is to take care of the victims and assess the injuries they have suffered. They collect the pieces of evidence by every means, either at the crime scene or from the victim’s body in terms of saliva, urine, or DNA samples. To get justice for the victims, they become expert witnesses and give testimony based on documented evidence.

Playing a role in Correctional Facilities.

Correctional nurses are forensic nurses who provide medical help in prisons, detention centers, and jails. They look after the inmates who have common health issues or any other that arises. If the condition is severe, they recommend whether to shift the sick to a hospital or not. They have enough expertise to deal with chronic diseases such as asthma or blood pressure. They are present there to ensure the health and safety of the people residing in correctional facilities. They also collect evidence if there is any fight in jail to catch the culprits.

Taking Part in Clinics and Death Investigations 

Forensic clinical nurse specialists have high expertise and skillsets in the medical field. They hold a high degree and utilize their radical training to assist as an expert, a researcher, or a teacher to spread the word. They may work with the homicides or any other death investigation teams to find the evidence. They work to untie the knots of a murder mystery. They also examine the body, do a thorough search of the crime scene, and find the victim’s history,

Deal with Domestically Abused Victims

Domestic violence has become a significant issue nowadays. Recent surveys show that domestic abuse has detrimental health effects on the victims. It stops them from functioning correctly. Not only mentally, but the victims start to grow diseases related to kidney, digestion, bladder, and much more. The victims used to stay quiet but not anymore. Forensics nurses are here to help them. They play a vital role in protecting victims. The security of children and women at home is now secure due to the work of forensic nurses. Forensic nurses search for minute details that lead them to the occurrence of domestic violence. They make sure that the abuser gets his punishment by taking all the evidence to the courtroom.

Treating People with Psychiatric Issues

An entire forensic nursing field deals with people who have psychiatric, behavioral, and social disorders. They must aid the patients in rebuilding their mental health. They provide rehabilitation care to the patients and assess their actions with others. They also give treatments to criminal defendants and a helping hand to those who have witnessed assaults or going through traumas.    


Health is wealth. Health is one of the most prominent factors of human lives. With that, security and justice are also important. To cater to the needs of both entities, the field of forensic nursing evolved. They play a vital role in maintaining the balance between health and security. Their job is to deal with people who have health issues because of a lack of security. They become their voice by finding concrete pieces of evidence. They are highly qualified and courageous.

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