Resetting Your Hormones Will Make You Lose Belly Fat

It’s not important how strict your diet is. One cheat meal and there’s that belly fat again.

Everything you do is effective. Keep working out. Hold on to your diet.

Some women experience difficulties in losing fat. They just can’t remove it.

Especially that belly area where the fat is stored like cement.

You need to hit harder to reduce it.

My advice for you is to be patient and keep doing what you do. Every goal is achievable if you give some effort.

Or… do changes.

Yes, sometimes changes react better than doing the same thing all over again.

That’s why I decided to show you what hormones do.

You probably heard some people say they can’t lose weight because of this or that.

What can I do when my hormones are not allowing me to lose weight

Well, they are not far from the truth.

Luckily, or not so much, for them is that you can reset your hormones and lose belly fat.

Sorry for making you run out of excuses, but this will help you.

There is solution for everything. You just need to dig deeper and put some effort to it.

Don’t worry. I already did the digging part for you.

Your job is now is to put effort to it.

Before I start telling you ways and foods to reset your hormones, let’s see who are they.

What are the hormones that trigger belly fat?

  •      High insulin
  •      High estrogen
  •      High cortisol
  •      Low DHEA
  •      Low Growth Hormone

Now, right after I’ve introduced all of this to them it’s better for me to tell you how to control your body.

It’s not that hard. You just need to import more of the foods you’ll see in your diet.

The benefits of these healthy foods are enormous. You will start feeling the difference right away.

Controlling Insulin Levels

Insulin is the sugar processor. It carries it to cells where your body uses it as fuel or stores it as fat.

High insulin level does damage. It helps the development of belly fat and you could get several cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

I won’t get into sugary foods. You already know them.

But, let me tell you this. Eating sugary foods are not the only source of insulin.

It can be triggered by lack of exercise, too much alcohol, stress, family history of diabetes, excess body fat and high blood pressure.

So, you have work to do if you want to maintain low insulin levels.

That work needs to be done in the kitchen. Yes, increasing certain types of food will help you battle high insulin levels.

And kick belly fat out of your system, of course.

A study conducted in 2002 says protein rich diet helps reduce belly fat.

The researches conducted a research comparing high-protein vs. low protein diet.

Women on a high protein diet had noticed that their abdominal fat mass has been reduced.

Here are some protein rich foods you can include in your diet:

Check how much protein you need to include in your diet with the workout routine you do.

Add dark green veggies and fiber rich foods. Avoid consuming alcohol and foods with trans fats and added sugar.

Controlling Estrogen Levels
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Those are the main symptoms. Obesity, fat accumulating in the belly, fibrocystic breasts and ovaries, headaches, menstrual irregularity and breast cancer.

Premenopausal women with high estrogen levels will develop PMS and too much fat around the hips.

On top of that, it will be hard for them to lose weight.

Don’t worry. There are foods that can help you!

There is something magical in plant foods that control the estrogen levels in your body.

I’m talking about the natural chemicals phytochemicals and phytonutrients.

These chemicals protect the plants from threats. The same thing goes for your body.

They protect it from estrogen-like activity.

So, search for foods that contain these natural chemical varies. You can start with nuts, seeds, legumes and flaxseed.

The Flaxseed is known as the richest food with phytoestrogen content.

You can also find it and enrich your diet with sesame seeds, berries, oats, barley, lentils, rice, alfalfa, dried beans, apples, carrots, rice bran, fennel, wheat germ, pomegranates, anise, etc.

Controlling Cortisol

We know how stressful we can get. Under stress, our body releases cortisol.

When in small doses, cortisol is not harmful for your health.

However, under chronic stress the cortisol levels jump through the roof.

The side effects are big. You will sleep less, have mood changes, memory problems and sometimes even experience abdominal obesity.

It’s time to take a food sword and fight back.


Controlling DHEA Levels

DHEA or the youth hormone works well for you.

It’s a hormone naturally released by your body. It has big influence on losing fat and gaining muscles.

However, sometimes these levels are low. They decrease as you age.

If this is the first time you meet with DHEA it:

  •      Strengthens immune system
  •      Improves memory
  •      Helps with erectile dysfunction
  •      Boosts sex drive
  •      Provides more energy
  •      Glowing skin
  •      Aids weight loss
  •      Helps maintaining cardiovascular health
  •      Increases HDL
  •      Promotes sleep
  •      Boosts mood
  •      Glowing skin
  •      Reduces Stress and Fear
  •      Blocks carcinogenic activities

Yeah. Your body does that.

So what are the next step when you have low DHEA?

Yes, you guessed it right. Food. You eat certain types of food.

Soybeans and yams help the body to produce more DHEA, if needed.

Wait, what if needed means?

Your body is an advanced machine. It won’t produce more supplements if it has enough DHEA.

It’s not important if you eat more of these DHEA boosters. The safety mechanism is controlled by the brain and adrenal gland.

Eating certain omega-3 fatty acid rich foods like flax seed, olive oil and salmon helps the natural produced DHEA.

Controlling Growth Hormone

This hormone affects every single cell in your body. It impacts our feelings, appearance and actions.

The growth hormone is largely increased while we exercise and deep sleep.

It’s great for repairing tissues, bone density, muscle building and for improving the overall health of your body.

This hormone declines with age.

People often use supplements to slow down this process.

As I usually say – natural is always the best, here is a list of foods that could help.

  •      Pineapple
  •      Fava Beans
  •      Goji Berries
  •      Coconut Oil
  •      Grassfed Beef
  •      Greek Yogurt
  •      Raw Chocolate/Cacao
  •      Algae
  •      Eggs
  •      Watermelon
  •      Parmesan
  •      Nuts
  •      Risings
  •      Beets
  •      Lemons
  •      Water

Consuming these foods will give you noticeable improvements.

You will say goodbye to your belly fat. Keep doing what you do and try to import these foods more often in your diet.

Everything is achievable if done the right way!

Maybe some of your friends can’t wait to read this.

Don’t let them wait anymore and share this with them!

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