Researchers: Taking THIS During Pregnancy Increases The Risk of Autism by 87%

When I’ve read this research about pregnant women I felt the need to share it with you.

Every pregnant woman wants to make sure everything will be all right with her baby.

While the baby is in the womb, the mother needs to be extremely careful. Every little thing can harm the baby’s health.

But you already know this.

There is a variety of information you can find on the Internet about harmful things.

I’m not going to focus on that. The main point here is the new thing researchers talk about.
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It involves something that was thought as safe for pregnant women. After this, it looks completely unsafe.

Researchers talk about antidepressants.

The Risk

Many women take antidepressants while they are pregnant. I’ve avoided any kind of medications while I was pregnant with both of my kids.

The new study comes from JAMA. It reveals that antidepressants could be massive contributors to raising the autism rates.


This increases the fear we all have from taking medications. I’ve never taken antidepressants and I don’t know if they help or not.

Not Enough Facts

I couldn’t leave the summary of the study and avoid talking about the lack of facts.

Even though researchers found this and warned pregnant women, there is lack of facts for the whole thing.

The newly found link between antidepressants is in its starting mode, but somehow we feel the need of more studies to be conducted.

If you’ve read the study you will see that the risk rose to 1.87% in mothers who are taking antidepressants vs. 1% risk for those who don’t.

So, we can see that increases the risk, but it’s not alarming yet.

Either way I wouldn’t take the risk.

What to do if you are expecting?

The only thing that comes on my mind is – don’t take the pills. But I know that’s too hard to follow because those antidepressants already got you hooked on them.

You can talk to your doctor. If you are concerned about it, go and ask if there are any alternatives to these antidepressants. Maybe they know about some other therapies that don’t involve drugs.

Researchers will do their work to find even more data about this. I’m positive about that.

My job was to warn you about this.

Until then, it’s your choice.

Now spread the word to your friends. Let them be aware.

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