Research Shows That Scented Candles Are Not Good For Your Home

The enjoyable scent candles you’ve used for the last romantic dinner with your husband create soot.

It’s always nice to light up a candle that will make the air more enjoyable.

However, research shows that the smell we inhale is dangerous and could lead to unwanted circumstances.

Research has shown that many premature deaths are directly related to soot in the environment. Particle exposure leads to around 20,000 premature deaths in America each year. Many of these deaths were caused by soot-related diseases. Data also show that soot annually causes almost 300,000 asthma attacks and 2 million lost workdays due to respiratory problems.”

We even have a person who went through these problems.

Research Shows That Scented Candles Are Not Good For Your Home

Meet Meghan Budden. She learned that scented candles are not what all think they are.

Like any other person who loves these candles, she enjoyed every scent of it. She kept two candles burning in her home for a few hours and the next day she felt different.

While performing the usual morning routine, Meghan spotted dark spots on the inside of her nose.

The situation scared her, but she thought nothing of it. Maybe her skin reacts to something. Not a big deal.

But, the next situation shocked her up.

After cleaning her baby’s nostrils, the concerned mother spotted the same dark spots in there. She even took a photo of it:

Research Shows That Scented Candles Are Not Good For Your Home

These black spots remained a mystery until she took one of the candles from the day before to throw it away.

She realized they got these dark spots from the candles both of them inhaled.

Wait, what?

These wax candles contain paraffin. It’s a petroleum waste product. Burning paraffin releases toxins as dangerous as the toxins released by cigarettes.

That’s why these paraffin containing candles warn you about burning them more than three hours.

Avoiding these warning signs will lead you to the same situation like Meghan experienced.

Those black spots could mean different things, like toxins in their lungs.

If you’ve experienced the same problem like Meghan, please go and visit your doctor to perform a regular checkup.

Next time you need to be more careful and buy candles that don’t contain paraffin.

Or I have a better idea. Make one on your own.

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I hope this research that shows how scented candles could endanger your health opened your eyes.

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David Wolfe
Dr. Edward Group
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