Renting a car in Greek island

If you’re looking forward to visiting Greece, it makes a lot of sense to start planning your transport means before taking a flight. Greece is one of the best Island nations for adventure-seekers. The country’s terrain with many islands, nature’s marvels, and extreme sporting activities have made Greece a gateway to the great European outdoors. Finding a reliable means of navigating the Greece Islands, major cities and the authentic upcountry are all you need to get started. Below are tips to help you when renting a car in any Greek Island.

Make early bookings

When booking your accommodation, make it a priority to choose a reliable car rental company in the nearby city. This way, you’ll avoid the inconveniences of missing your favorite car type or being forced to use public transport in a foreign country. Before making a reservation, do your research and compare the prices and of course, the reputation of the various companies. If you are more into the automatic models, for example, you may as well state it upfront when making your reservations.

Choose the right car model

The terrain in Greece varies depending on where you’re headed. Driving in Greece can be a challenge since the roads are a bit narrow. The roads tend to be winding and steep with a lot of switchbacks as you drive outside the cities. Some of the best sites to Rent a car in Greece will have a variety of models to suit your taste and preferences. Before booking a car, take time to study the areas you’ll be visiting to make sure you pick the right model. You don’t want to drive a saloon car along a rugged dirt road or some manual transmission engine you’re not used to.

Know where and when to drive

Since you’re new in the country and unfamiliar with the roads and the traffic system, you may use some help from veteran drivers. This can be a bit costly, but it’s worth the cost, especially if you’ll be traveling at night or navigating the upcountry terrains.

Again, certain car rentals will have strict rules as to where you’ll drive the car and where not to. This will somehow limit your freedom, but with the right bargain power, you can reset the rules and buy yourself a ticket to advanced freedom. Some companies don’t want their cars ferried across the waters to another Island. They don’t want you to damage their asset, especially when maneuvering in the tight areas. By convincing them that you’ll hire an expert driver or something of the sort, they may let you do as you wish.

Pay attention to the car inspection

Many times, you’ll participate in a thorough car inspection before you’re handed the car keys. By utilizing this time to check for any mechanical defects, you’re guaranteed a nice trip full of peaceful adventures. If you take things lightly, however, you may end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. To be on the safe side, make sure you’re very conversant with the car model. Take notes and where possible, have a car expert accompany you during the inspection.

The legal driving age if you’re to rent a car in Greece is 23 to 70 years. The driver should also have an international driving license with at least two years of experience. Unless a second driver is stated in the car renting contract, only one driver is licensed to drive a rental vehicle. Always prioritize on renting a car before moving overseas and where possible, go through the reviews from genuine sites. By sticking with the above tips, renting a car in Greece isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The aim is to enjoy traveling from one place to another while spending the least you can afford.

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