Remove This Life Threatening Plant From Your Home Right Now

I was sitting home yesterday reading about warming-up exercises for this winter period when I found this.

A woman decided to share a story about her favorite plant.

She started this story with the words “I almost lost my daughter”.

I got chills all over my body when I read this.

All of my mother senses turned red.

It was an alarming moment.

I didn’t even read the rest of the story. I called my kids to see if they are okay.

This was one of my panic moments. They are always here when kids are involved.

I drank some water. Calmed down. Picked up my computer and decided to read the full story.

You have to be extremely careful when and how you leave your kids at home.

If they are little, make sure there is an adult taking care of them while you are away.

Make your home a safe environment for playing.

This plant could be found in many homes and offices.

As you can see it’s very dangerous.

The name of this plant is Dieffenbachia and contains poisonous juice.

This juice contains calcium oxalate. If a kid drinks it death could occur in less than a minute.

It is also fatal for adults, and death usually comes 15 minutes after consumption.

Be careful!

Make sure your friends know about this.

Source: Cuisine and Health

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