Remodeling Tips From Interior Decorators

Remodeling a home can be an exciting time. There’s nothing quite like deciding to transform a room from something old and dull to new and vibrant.

But planning a remodel can also be overwhelming. What colors? What accessories? What look should you go for?

Here are some helpful tips on how to approach your next remodeling and redecorating project.

Have a Plan and Work From the Ground Up

You have to start somewhere. And it’s always good to have a plan.

Before beginning your home remodeling project, sit down with a notepad and write out your plans. Describe what you’d like to accomplish with a particular room and how you might go about making it happen. Sketch out a floor plan to ensure you’re maintaining a good flow through the room and not making things too crowded.

Next, start with the floor and work your way up. Think about where you want hardwood and where you might want carpeting or area rugs. From there, move on to low-lying furniture such as coffee tables and sofas, then to tables, beds (if working on a bedroom), cabinets, shelves, artwork, and lights.

Determine Your Colors and Style

Once you have a plan of sorts for your room’s layout, consider the style you want to express and what colors will best serve your plans. It’s always best to have a style that reflects your personality. Are you a person with a strong sense of elegance? Or are you more whimsical? Are you an “old soul” or someone who prefers everything to be modern? Don’t be afraid to give preference to your favorite colors, art, and accessories. 

Go online and Google “interior decorating color visualizers” to find apps and services to help you play around with color combinations. Remember that lighter colors tend to make a room appear larger while darker colors make a room smaller. 

Go Local For a Unique Touch

Whatever your style, you probably want something unique that reflects you as an individual. 

Nothing accomplishes this more than by choosing art and accessories made by local, independent artists. Browse the local shops and art festivals for works by local artists such as ceramics, fine art, textiles, sculpture, and other handmade curios.

Browse Magazines For Inspiration

This is not cheating, nor is it being unoriginal.

Whether you’re flipping through the pages of Town & Country or Country Living, all you’re doing is looking for general inspiration. No one is expecting you to recreate other people’s interior decorating verbatim. Instead, these magazines are there to show you the different options you have. Perhaps one of these magazines will have a color palette or remodeling idea you’ve never considered before. 

Take these ideas, then give them your own unique touch. 

When it comes to remodeling and redecorating your home, take advantage of all the resources available to you. If you find yourself getting stuck, you can always call upon experts for advice. Many remodeling contractors have years of experience transforming homes and may have the solutions you’re looking for.

Remodeling a home can be exciting. Embrace that, and have fun.

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