Relax With an Automatic Pill Dispenser

Anyone caring for a child with a chronic illness knows how important it is to get all the medications administered preciely. A good pill dispener can help you and your family relax and enjoy more free time by making it easy for you.

Having A Special Needs Child Is A Huge Job

When a child in the family gets sick, it affects everyone, from other siblings to grandparents, especially the primary caregivers. 

Although everyone wants to help as much as they can when there is a sick child in the household, it can quickly become overwhelming. Even though the desire is there to help, parents must maintain an income to pay for overwhelmingly expensive treatments and medicines. Other siblings are dealing with pressures from school or even their jobs. Grandparents are often a huge help, but they might be dealing with their health issues as well. The extra support that is needed is rarely covered by insurance or other outside agencies.

Certain things are essential – like making sure medications are taken on schedule – that can easily fall to the wayside when many busy people with good intentions try to manage too many things at once. 

Luckily, there are answers for some of the more basic tasks that are associated with managing illness.

Peace Of Mind Is Available

Suppose your sick child is old enough and lucid enough to manage a smartphone and take pills (instead of elixirs or chewable). In that case, the Hero medication delivery system might be a good answer for your family. 

For a small monthly fee, the Hero unit will deliver all the doses of daily medicines, as well as “PRN” or “as needed” medicines for pain or nausea. Suppose there is any concern about keeping medicines safe from being tampered with (opiates or other addictive drugs). In that case, there is an optional passcode that allows only certain people to access the device. 

This price includes a 24-hour hotline, where real people who are knowledgeable about the device can answer your questions: even if it is 3 AM or Christmas Day, they are there to help.

Let Professionals and Technology Make It Easy For Your Family

By taking some of the pressure off of the family in the daily treatment of a sick child, there is more time for the things that make life fun. Nobody has to fret or worry about pill schedules all day long because there is a solid system in place to remind the child or the primary caregiver about pill times, and the device dispenses the doses at the correct times. 

If there are appointments, sports or other activities, school, work, or anything else going on, this will always be in place to remind the people who need to know most when it is time to take a minute to take care of medications. This kind of technology is a dream come true when there are so many other things to worry about every day in a busy, bustling household. 

Call today about this amazing Hero automatic pill dispenser, or check out the website to see if it is a good fit for your household. It has been meticulously made by tech experts alongside caregivers to be a digital nurse and pharmacist who never forgets to deliver drug treatments right on time, when a drug is the most effective for care. 

Pills that need to be taken before meals, at bedtime, or anytime it is essential to be given at a specific time, in order to be the most effective, will always be given on time. Drug on drug interactions are prevented, doubling up for missed doses is prevented, and missing doses altogether is prevented. 

This is a marvelous way to keep track of complicated pill schedules for a child, an adult, or a caregiver for a sick person.