10 Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic Bags

Paper bags might be more bio-degradable, but plastic bags can be very green too.

Do you know how to recycle them?  Just take a look at these 10 DIY projects you can make with the plastic bags you were ready to throw away.

 Alternative Yarn


Here is an alternative and fun way to reinvent crocheting or knitting for those who love this craft.

By making yarn from your grocery plastic bags, you will have a whole new medium to work with and all your old patterns will become new and fresh again.

Recycled Plastic Bag Fruit Bowl


Having a nice fruit bowl can really give you a nice, different feel to your table setting.

If you are looking for a cheap way to bring some fresh color to your table, then you might want to give this lovely fruit bowl a try made by weaving strips of plastic bags.

Plastic Grocery Bag Rug


Woven rugs are quite lovely and are great as doormats or as throw rugs.

If you want to try your hand at making one, try this rug made from plastic bags.

It might look woven and difficult to make, but it is actually braided and very easy to recreate.

Recycled Bag Handmade Kite


Do you remember the joy you felt when you managed to lift your first kite up into the air?

Give your kid the same joy and make it even more special by making your very own kite.

Since the kite needs to be super light it needs to be made from light materials and this plastic bag kite will easily fly up into the sky every time.

Plastic Bag Jump Rope


Another old time childhood favorite toy is the jump rope.

And it doesn’t have to be just for kids, because adults can use it just as much.

The only problem is the length. With some well braided plastic bags, you can make your own jump ropes with length suitable for every family member.

Plastic Bag Beads


Making your own jewelry is all well and good if you want to save some money, but sometimes the materials may cost just as much as the pieces from the jewelry store.

If you’re looking for a truly inexpensive way to make jewelry, try making your own beads from materials you have lying around in your home, like these amazing plastic bag beads.

Plastic Bag Vessels


Are you always in need of some bowls, cups or some other vessels?

With the help from this tutorial, you will never be in short supply of vessels as long as you have plastic bags.

The procedure is very easy; just make sure you have plenty of opened space, since the toxic fumes from the plastic bags are bad for your health.

Plastic Bag Hair Rosettes


Flowers are lovely decorative pieces to your accessories, especially if they’re nice ones.

This is also a lovely way to turn something plain like a plastic bag into something that will turn heads, like these amazing hair rosettes that will be liked by young and old.

Plastic Bag Bracelet


Here is another project for the eco-conscious jewelry lovers; some stylish plastic bag bracelets.

This will be the perfect way to give some new life to those old bracelets you have at home.

Your friends will never know the difference, and you’ll have some nice looking bracelets.

Recycled Plastic Lantern


There is something special in the Asian style paper lanterns.

They have a very nice calming effect and come in many shapes and forms. This tutorial will show you how to make not only a very lovely plastic bag lantern, but also how you can fuse the plastic bags.

By doing so, you’ll have a fabric hat you could use for making other projects.

Just keep on creating.

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