Recognizing the signs of sexual assault in children

There is a thinking pattern that adults follow, that children may not be able to follow, and this is why parents ought to be vigilant at all times and ask essential questions. Several children in the world today have been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by sexual predators, and this has led to catastrophic experiences for such a child. The predator is the ultimate offender, but the parents who failed to ask the right questions and notice changes should be addressed.

It is not enough to kiss your kids goodbye when they are off to school, and when they’re back, try to find out what they did and how they did it in school. When your kids spend holidays outside your home, when they get back, try to ask them about their adventures and what they think about the people around them. You are not necessarily asking these questions because you feel someone is sexually preying on them, but because you want to know them, and know what they are up to. When you ask questions like this and receive definite answers, then you have nothing to fear.

However, when your kids are skeptical about giving you details or start lying, then something is going on. You must be the kind of parent that your children can walk up to, and say anything. When this form of relationship is established, other things come naturally. 

Now, what are the signs to watch out for, to know if a pedophile sexually abuses your kid? These tips will help you.

Unexplained Nightmares

Your kid can have nightmares, especially when they see a horror movie behind your back, but when they have a series of unexplained dreams where they cannot sleep alone, then something is worth checking out. It is essential to recognize this sign as a parent and find out what is happening with such a child.

Easily Distracted

When your child is easily distracted, and hers lost during dinner, breakfast, or in class, ask the child if he or she is sad about something. It may not be easy for them to open up because the predator may have threatened them to keep it quiet. However, when you tell him or her that you only want to be helpful, and you will not get mad, the kid will likely open up.

Change in Eating Habits

Most times, when kids are going through a kind of stress, the way they eat changes after a while. The kid may no longer be interested in his or her favorite meal, and that is suspicious, so find out what is going on.

Mood Swings

A child that has never raised his or her voice before, but starts acting out in the house may be going through a sexual problem. Instead of getting mad at such a child, try to find out what the problem is with his or her.

Asking Continuous Questions about Sex

It is no news that kids hear about things from their peers at school and gathering, but when a child regularly asks about details concerning sex, you have to find out why.

These behaviors may not likely be because the child is going through sexual assault, but it is better to confirm that nothing is wrong than assume.

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