Reasons Your Child Could Benefit From Private Tutoring

For most parents, the idea of private tutoring is nothing more than an added expense to the school. But why are so many turning to private tutors?

The answer is very simple. To be at the top of your class, you need to take advantage of every single resource available and the help of an excellent tutor is probably the best tool you can have in the study kit.

There are two primary reasons why your child may need private tuition: their marks have dropped in the past several months and are struggling to keep up with their school work, or they have been getting good grades and want to excel further. Private tutors can help in both situations. That being said, here are several reasons your child could benefit from private tutoring:

Personalized Tutoring

The primary reason most parents get private tutors for their children is because they want someone who can offer personalized help, particularly in the weakest subjects. A teacher at school has many students so it is hard for them to have the time to devote to a struggling student. This usually leads to a downward spiral and the struggling child is unable to keep up with the rest. However, private tuition can solve this as the child will get the personalized assistance that they desperately need, helping them catch up with the rest.


There is no denying that private tutoring is convenient. It can be done anytime and anywhere, usually at the comfort of your own home. If your child isn’t a morning person (and most aren’t!), their brain may be slow during those dreadful morning lessons that they’re forced to attend. With private tuition, they can come home, rest, take a bath and come out refreshed for a one-on-one session with the tutor where they can learn best. As opposed to tuition center classes, private tutoring ideally saves you money and time traveling to and fro.

Learn at Own Pace

Every child is different, and so, teaching them, in the same manner, does not always work. Unfortunately, with many kids in class, teachers are usually forced to employ a one-size-fits-all approach. With private tuition however, the tutor first understands the child’s learning preferences and adapts their teaching methodologies to the student.

For instance, your child may be more of a hands-on learner. Rather than babbling for hours on end, the tutor can develop interesting activities that engaging enough to grab their attention. Your child will not only learn more, but the sessions will be way more enjoyable, which can spark a passion for learning.


Your child may have said that they do not like the school teacher and does not enjoy learning from them. Ideally, they may have complained that they can’t follow the teaching pace at school or can’t comprehend the teacher’s explanations. You have no control over the school teacher, but you certainly have a choice when it comes to private tutors.

If you or the child don’t like the tutor, you can easily request for a change.

Increased Confidence

Since private tutoring is often done on a one-to-one basis, your child and the tutor are able to work much more closely and develop stronger and better relationships that are often hard to do in a class with many students. The impact that this can have on your child can be profound since the tutor will be able to know your child and thus easily spot potential problems. For those who are shy, a learning environment without many people can help express themselves, since they are under less pressure.

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