Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Good Pets

If you’re looking for various snakes for sale, chances are you are doing your research on ball pythons. Without a doubt, these snakes are popular and very sought after by first time snake owners and enthusiast alike. And for good reason! From their exceptional personality to variety of morphs, this list goes into why a ball python may just be the perfect fit for your home.

Low Maintenance

Many people who steer away from more traditional pets are enamored with ball pythons. This is because they are notoriously low maintenance. Aside from regular cleaning of their cage, vet checkups, and being fed three times a month, they need very little in terms of attention. For the most part, they are content with napping under a small heat lamp or on a branch.

Docile and Easily to Handle

Ball pythons are known for being low energy and docile. They are naturally slow-moving, lower energy, and non-aggressive. When socialized properly from a young age, they are very tolerant of handling. If you are concerned about any potential unwanted behavior, simply avoid interacting with your snake when it is shedding or feeding it from your hands.

To help better your relationship with your snake, we would recommend setting some time for relaxed handling. For around 15 minutes, twice a day, handle your snake (picking it up from the side rather than above). Allow it to slowly and neutrally gain trust in you as it explores its environment. 

Long Lifespan 

Unlike many other snakes that typically live to be around 10-15 years old in captivity, ball pythons will be a long-term companion with the upper range of lifespan at 30+ years. In fact, the oldest recorded living snake. This means that, as long as you are taking proper care of your snake, you will have many long, happy years to enjoy with your companion

Manageable Size

Like many snakes that wind up becoming popular pets, ball pythons grow to approximately 5 feet in length. These snakes can weigh as much as 7 pounds, but typically top off at 5. This means that they are physically easy to handle in the event of any emergency transportation.

To ensure that your snake is happy and has room to move around as an adult, house it in a 55-70 gallon tank. Keep in mind that your snake may outgrow the one you initially house it in as they grow from a baby or juvenile to an adult.

They Look Cool

Like most reptiles, ball pythons have developed a variety of unique colors and patterns on their hides known as “morphs”. Due to generations of careful selective breeding, there are over 4,000 varieties of ball python morphs in captivity. This, combined with their puppy-dog like snout and round eyes makes them rather visually appealing. From ghostly pales to bright reds and unique patterning, there’s a morph for everyone. 

Final Thoughts

While there is no such thing as an “easy pet”, ball pythons can make a wonderful addition to most homes with a little bit of preparation and research. When searching for ball pythons for sale, make sure that you are sourcing with a reputable breeder that has a good standing within the reptile community.