Reasons Breast Cancer Rates Are Increasing

It is widely believed that breast cancer rates are increasing in the United States and abroad. Unfortunately, there is no universal consensus as to why this is happening. Some researchers suspect that it might have something to do with dietary changes but others suggest it could be linked to obesity. Nevertheless, consumers should be aware of the ongoing risks and the potential causes so they can avoid them to the best of their ability. Below, the reader will learn more about the breast cancer rates and a slight increase.

Race Matters

It is vital to understand that the trends are changing among racial lines. For instance, it is believed that the rates have slowed or dropped among most races. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Asian-Americans. Among this race, breast cancer rates have climbed significantly. Simultaneously, it is believed that breast cancer rates will climb by as much as 50% by 2030. Therefore, it is essential to understand that anyone can be impacted. While some suspect that only women are prone to breast cancer, this is not the case.

Breast cancer is a problem that impacts both genders.

Age And Gender

Some people will likely need to undergo breast cancer treatment at The Cancer Centre, Singapore whereas others will have a lower chance of developing breast cancer. Age and gender are very important. Both can play a vital role in determining how likely it is for someone to develop breast cancer. While men can get breast cancer, women are more prone. Simultaneously, it should be noted that women over the age of 70 are at a higher risk than others. This puts more than 40 million women in the United States in harm’s way.

Climbing Stats

In 2011, there were 283,000 reported cases of breast cancer. Again, the number is going to climb significantly higher in the future. It is estimated that there will be 441,000 reported cases of breast cancer by 2030. The rates of breast cancer among women between the ages of 70 and 84 will rise by as much as 24 to 35%. The numbers among women 50 to 69 are expected to drop. With that being said, it is pertinent to remain aggressive when it comes to getting scans.


At the end of the day, there are numerous reasons for the dramatic increase. First and foremost, it is important to realize that baby boomers are aging quickly. These women will be far more likely to develop breast cancer. Simultaneously, you have to know that people are living much longer than ever before. This puts them at a greater risk. Simultaneously, the number of estrogen-positive breast cancer has increased immensely. These factors have contributed to the rising numbers of breast cancer around the world.

Be Aggressive

It is possible to survive breast cancer. However, you’ll need to identify and start treating the problem early. If you’re able to do that, doctors will have a much better chance of successfully treating the problem. Getting breast exams regularly is one of the best ways to give yourself a fighting chance against breast cancer.

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