Read This Before You Choose a Daycares for Your Fuzzy Little Monster

If you want to get back to your work place and planning to leave your mistake at daycares then there are certain things that you are required to know about. We will be discussing the various bright and dull aspects of daycares and the number of questions that arise in the minds of parents.

It is indeed a very hard decision to leave your child with someone you don’t know and it can even be a nightmare for some.  Furthermore, if you have just one baby then your life is embedded in it and you can’t let him go away from you.

But if you are among the brave working mothers (that 70% of moms are) then you may want to take the help of daycares. There are a lot of daycares that are available such as Pleasanton daycare, home daycare and group centres. You can find the most professional baby sitters who are licensed and professionals as well.

The environment of these daycares will let your child grow and be socialized with other kids. This will also ensure that your child does not become an introvert. However, it is still your duty to know everything about daycares since it is a decision to be concerned of.

Various kinds of day care facilities

A day care is a place where you, as a parent drop your child because you need to go somewhere where kids are not allowed. There are a couple of options that are available within the daycares:

Group day care: These are licensed to the state and are similar to a school. It is attended by a variation of ages of children and this is a really professional option and you need not worry about anything while you’ve opted for this day care option.

Home based day care: In this option the child is being taken care in the home of the service provider only and he enjoys the company of the children of the provider as well. They may or may not be state licensed and there is no assurance of them being professional but since they are taking care of their own child then they may be experienced.

What are the benefits of using a day care?

There are a lot of advantages which are involved with the use of a day care. Some of these are as follows:

1. Continuous and proper care

Most of the child care centres are able to provide care to your child at a continuous level of the phases of his life such as infancy, toddlerhood, and teenage.

2. Appropriate education

A day care ensures that your child gets proper education or not. They are equipped with various thigs that will be very helpful for the mental growth of your child. This will also develop his brain properly.

3. Good socialization

Your child will meet several other kids who mean he will be able to interact with a lot of new friends of his same age and will be able to talk with them and develop his socialization.  This will also ensure that he does not end up being an introvert.

4. Cost efficient

It is a very cheap option to leave your child at a day care then appointing a nanny for him. Even a babysitter charges more than a day care facility. Therefore, it will save you a lot of money when you go out and want someone to take care of your child.

5. Provides a good reliability

These centres are usually available for up opt 12 hours a day due to which it fits the bill for any type of schedule of parents. This ensures that the different working hours of different parents does not affect the growth of a child and hence it is called highly reliable.

6. Benefit that is only applicable for group day care

The benefits of opting in for a group day care is that you will be able to get a well trained and licensed person for taking the proper and professional care of your child. There is a large number of staff that is available to take care of child due to which you can be assured of the fact that your child will never be alone or left with unpaid attention. He will always be under an expert guidance and will receive proper attention.

7. Benefits that is applicable only to home day care

The main benefit of a home day care is that the number of children are less as compared to a group day care there which means your child can get extra attention than a group day carte and moreover, it is a home which means your child will always be under a home based environment and will never feel that he is abandoned by his parents or anything similar to it.

Demerits of using a day care service

As we all know that nothing can be perfect and we were waiting to apply the corny line “everything has a darker side” so here’s for day care:

1. Cost

It is true that the day care facilities cost much lesser than a private baby sitter for your child but it is always an expensive commodity unless the government decides to provide a subsidy for the same.

2. Prone to the illness

There are a lot of kids that are available in a day care which means your kid is exposed to a large number of kids regardless of their cleanliness and health conditions. This directly points towards the fact that your child can become prone to a number of diseases and germs that are carried by the other kids. However, this factor can prove to be a valuable asset for your child as well. He will be developing his immune system while he is exposed to germs and bacteria at a young age and this will ensure that he does not end up becoming a sensitive kind of child who catches a number of diseases every time. Therefore, he will be developing his immune system.

Bottom Line

So, that was all about the day cares, their benefits, and their demerits as well. That is all we have for today.

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