Quick review of various products offered by Laudee

LAUDEE offers various beauty products:


 LAUDEE Retinol Day Cream: LAUDEE Retinol Day Cream addresses eye-aging problems- dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. This nourishing cream makes your skin look fresh, hydrates your skin for a more radiant and smoother cream. Your skin becomes energized and reduces wrinkles as well as crow’s feet. Your fine lines diminish; skin tone evens and has an appropriate anti-aging formula.

 LAUDEE Vitamin C Eye Cream: This eye cream maintains even, smooth and radiant complexion. Vitamin C protects the skin surface from free radical damage, which occurs due to UV rays or pollution. The product hydrates your eye area as it minimizes your wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, and reduces your skin’s dullness. The various moisture-boosting ingredients which increase circulation leaving your eye with a youthful glow.

LAUDEE Face Powder

LAUDEE presents a silky and translucent face powder that mattes oily T-zone alongside concealing imperfections. The face powder is applicable for all skin tones, and this mineral powder is a facial protector. Your subtle blur skin becomes soft-focus giving a professional make-up look. You will enjoy the smooth blending of this pressed powder, which is best for oily, dry, or aging skin. The face powder adds a radiant and fair layer. The product can be used the best along with LAUDEE Retinol Face Cream. The combination gives a refreshing, smooth, moisturized, and shining look.

LAUDEE Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

This waterproof eyeliner is long-lasting and smudge-proof. The product has a unique formula that lets your eye wing last long. Your lashes appear fuller, and the applicator is precise, enabling sophisticated and sleek wings. You can intensify your look with the 3D fiber mascara. You don’t need any false lashes anymore!

LAUDEE Mascara – 3D Fiber Volume

The mascara enables voluminous make-up for your sensitive eyes and extends your lashes. No irritation and you can enjoy a natural curl of your lashes. The particular composition makes the mascara last long. No more smeared make-up with fiber lengthening eyelashes. To get a complete look, use the LAUDEE eyeliner.

LAUDEE Activated charcoal peel-off mask

The charcoal mask eliminates accumulated dust particles and other impurities. The mask hydrates your skin, exfoliates, and energizes your skin to give you a radiant, glowing appearance. The peel-off mask balances the oil secretion of the skin and eliminates dead skin cells to provide a clog-free, clean, and smooth skin. The product is free of toxic elements and results in a refreshing skin.

LAUDEE Acupressure Mat

LAUDEE Acupressure mat provides natural pain relief. The mat is a plant-based and made up of cotton alongside ABS plastic spikes. The spikes press against your body while you lie down, sit, or stand. It works on the acupoints all over your body. This procedure releases endorphins, which at as natural pain killers. These pain killers reduce your neck pain, back pain, or sciatic pain, and provide a relaxing effect alongside euphoric pleasure. Your muscle tension is reduced, muscles are relaxed, energy levels are improved, and you feel refreshed. Besides, it helps to improve fatigue and additionally deals with digestive issues. It enhances the transportation of oxygen to your skin and gives a positive effect on your complexion.

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