Quick and Easy: How to Fill Out a Money Order

Whether you are getting ready to pay your taxes or want to send money to a friend or family member, a money order will allow you to make the payment in a quick and efficient manner. Even though money orders are similar to checks, money orders are available in many more locations and can readily be purchased at grocery stores, convenience stores, and the U.S. Postal Service. Before you obtain a money order, reading this guide should make it easier for you to fill it in.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

If you’re wondering how to fill out a money order, the process of doing so is very straightforward. Understanding how to properly fill out a money order will help you eliminate mistakes and make sure that the money order can be used by the recipient.

Write Name of Recipient

The first thing that you should do is write out the name of the recipient for the money order. The recipient could also be a business like the Internal Revenue Service. You should place this information directly on the line that comes after “pay to the order of”. The individual or company that you address the money order to is the only entity that’s able to cash or deposit it.

It’s highly recommended that this portion of the money order is filled out first and as soon as possible after you receive the money order. If the name isn’t filled out and someone else gets a hold of your money order, they could fill in the information and cash it themselves. It’s also important that the name of the recipient is spelled correctly so that there are no issues with cashing the money order.

Place Your Address On the Purchaser Line

Since you are purchasing the money order, you need to write down your address on the purchaser line. In the event that there are issues with the money order or the recipient has questions that they would like to ask, your address will provide the recipient with a way to contact you. You might also want to include your full name in this section to make sure that the recipient fills out the address correctly in the event that they need to contact you.

Provide Account Number

If you are using the money order to pay a bill, you should include the account number that the money order is being used for. By filling in this information, it’s likely that your account will be fully credited for the scheduled payment. This number should be placed in this “payment for/account number” area. Account numbers can be very long, which is why you should double-check to make sure that the number has been inputted properly before sending the money order.

Include Your Signature

Likely the most important area on a money order is the signature area, which is designated as “purchaser’s signature”. Money orders are required to be signed on the front. The individual who receives the money order will sign on the back of the document before they cash or deposit it. If you don’t sign your name, the money order won’t be official.

Keep the Proof of Payment

If you happen to be mailing your money order, there’s always a possibility that the money order could be lost in the mail. Since the money has already been taken from your account, it’s essential that you keep your receipt after buying the money order. Once you have your receipt, keep it in a place that you’ll remember in the event that an issue develops with the money order. If your money order is ever stolen or lost, all you need to do is take your receipt back to the place it was purchased at and ask for a refund or replacement. While you might need to pay a small fee, the replacement or refund should be provided to you immediately.

When you’re getting ready to fill out a money order, having this guide on hand should provide you with everything you need to know how to correctly fill out the money order without making a single mistake.

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