Put These 5 Plants In Your Bedroom to Enjoy a Better Sleep

Sleep deficiency or disorder is a bad thing to deal with. I’ve read lots of stories how people can’t sleep at night. They suffer from insomnia or other similar things.

The sleeping pills people use often help. The thing is some organisms are becoming immune to those pills. They become less efficient over time.

That’s how people tend to drink more and more. According to CDC, this became a major problem. It’s already in line with some bigger health problems.

Staying longer at night is not something you should refuse to acknowledge. I think I had the same problem a few years ago.

I just couldn’t sleep. I thought this was a result because I was on a crossroad to choose my next steps in life, but no. That wasn’t it.

How I prevented it?

By reading books. Yep.

When I finally accepted that I have sleeping problems, I refused to take pills. I was going to bed earlier than usual. I always read a few chapters of some nice book and fell down for a good night sleep.

That became my routine and I still have it.

I feel just fine.

Now, if you are not into books, I found something that could help you. I mean, even if you are into books, you can try this to get an even better sleep at night.

I hope this article will save you and you will wake up with your energy level at 100.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the plants.

How will plants save me?

I’ve heard lots of different opinions about plants. Some people want to believe that plants are taking our oxygen for their purposes. Then, they release CO2 in the air that makes us vulnerable.

That’s not true. I don’t know where they came out with that.

Anyway, the air is a major problem when you sleep. You don’t notice that with bare eyes or just by breathing it.

That’s why doctors say to open up the windows, at least, half an hour before you go to sleep.

Mold and other components in the air can be a leading factor for bigger diseases.

Here is a horrifying chart of what the lack of sleep could do to you.

You’ve been warned.

The plants have the power to calm you and clean the air in your bedroom. They are good for the environment. According to a study, 5 plants came out as more effective ones to improve your sleep.

You will be surprised by some.

Take a look:

English Ivy Plant

According to NASA, the English Ivy is one of the best air-purifying plants. This is a classy plant and can be found in many areas. It’s extremely effective at reducing mold. Its efficiency for clearing the air is measured to 94%.

Snake Plant

This plant can be found in many homes. People want to believe it saves them from bad things without knowing its real power. They are not far from the truth.

This plant improves the quality of the air by filtering the oxygen and improving the atmosphere in your warm home.

Aloe Vera Plant

I don’t need to explain much about this plant. It’s the plant of immortality. I think that’s enough for you to understand its super powers. It comes with huge benefits and one of them is its air-improving ability.

NASA revealed that this plant can be used in your bedroom because it emits oxygen at night. It improves the quality of your sleep and helps with insomnia.

Jasmine Plant

The smell of this wonderful plant gives a nice, calming effect. Be careful, though, some people can’t stand the smell for a longer time. If you are one of those people, pick any other plant on this list.

Lavender Plant

The lavender smell. My favorite. I keep lavender plants all around my home. I know it has powerful effects on my entire family. Lavender helps you to reduce anxiety and stress. It improves sleep.

Some mothers use lavender plants in the baby’s room. It’s believed that this plant reduces the crying in babies.

There you have it. Now, it’s your turn for action.

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Source: Healthy Food House

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