Pure Smiles – Secure Your Summer Smile With Teeth Whitening

The insecurity felt when looking back at photos and thinking that your smile could’ve looked much whiter can linger with some people.

This needn’t be something you stress about for much longer. Pure Smiles offers teeth whitening that can improve your smile and boost your confidence.

Let’s look at what the process involves and what it can do for you.

Teeth whitening with Pure Smiles

As one of London’s premium dentists, the Pure Smiles experts are adept at achieving satisfactory results. Our teeth whitening technology is second to none, performing whitening to a high standard and removing unwanted stains.

The treatment is pain-free and requires very little recovery time – you can go about your day afterwards as you would’ve done otherwise.

There is food and drink you should look to limit if you want your teeth to remain white for longer, however. Coffee, red wine, and other things people consume, like cigarettes, can all stain your teeth and discolour them.

You get to select the shade of white for your teeth, offering flexibility in your options. Absolute white isn’t possible, of course, but you might decide to get as close to it as possible or maybe only lighten your teeth shade slightly.

Most importantly to many patients on a budget, the whitening treatment is affordable. Unlike a lot of UK teeth whitening facilities, you don’t need to break the bank to have a gleaming smile with Pure Smiles.

The accredited whitening product we use is Enlighten Evolution, a renowned name in the dental industry who’ve been operating at the highest level for over two decades. Thousands across the UK trust this product; Enlighten guarantees results regardless of your unique characteristics.

What can teeth whitening give me?

Aside from the obvious whiter shade of teeth that will leave you thrilled with your new look, the confidence you’ll feel will be invaluable. Imagine the thought of wanting to smile as widely and as frequently as you can during the summer months.

One of the other benefits of teeth whitening at a facility like Pure Smiles is the greater accuracy and success you’ll have. Some home kits are fine, but they don’t have the concentrated, powerful formula that is used by the professionals at our facility.

Your teeth will be checked over by the dentist at the beginning, in case you have a crown, for instance, that will need to be considered when whitening. The general condition of your teeth should be good before proceeding and no infections must be present.

It’s possible that your teeth will be a little sensitive for a short while post-treatment, so remember to care for them as much as you can. The sensitivity should go quickly, however.

If you want to whiten your teeth but are looking to get more information on the subject first, call or email Pure Smiles to have a consultation with a dedicated member of our team.