PSD to WordPress Template: What You Need to Know About It

The world has become engrossed in the benefits of technology that almost anything is not done outside its jurisdiction. Creating a website warrants a high technological source that many people are aware of in the world today. In the olden days, there were no ways to come about these types of technologies, but in this century, that story has changed for good. Many people do not even have to leave the comfort of their homes anymore before they get their work for the day done, as all they need is a functioning laptop or desktop, and a good wifi connection and the rest is history.

Technology brought about the information that says that there are easy steps to go through when changing a PSD to WordPress, and though many people encounter issues at the beginning or middle of the process, things get better in no time. Anyone who has ever heard of WordPress template knows precisely how important it is for the functioning of a website, and to help users. However, many people may have little or no idea about what they need to know when it comes to WordPress template; however, before that happens, knowing what this template is all about it paramount.

What is Template?

When it comes to WordPress, the template is known as a part of the web page that is usually generated by the WordPress theme. This means that for a WordPress template to exist, there must be a theme, which is one of the most important aspects of a website. Some WordPress themes already have in-built templates that are capable of generating HTML codes; however, there are ways to create your template and make it suitable for your users.

There are so many amazing facts about templates, and one of them is the fact that they are simplified and easy to understand. Another fantastic point about templates is that they can be attached to form a whole. So many people do not know how a template works, so it is better to know first how to convert a PSD to WordPress theme or template. These steps may seem difficult at the beginning for some people, but following them will no doubt bring you to an expected and definite end.

Before this, there are three things to know when you are about to design a website theme, and they are PSD files and twitter bootstrap. Without these three elements, creating a perfect theme for your website may pose to be more difficult than expected.

Step One- Slice PSD file

When people hear the term slicing, they tend to feel awkward, but this is the process of cutting one image file into different parts to make it accessible and easy to convert.

Step Two- Download Theme

There are various sites that you can visit to get the best bootstrap theme, especially from Twitter. When the download has been completed, the next thing you need to do is extract the file.

Step Three- Index.html & Style.css

These files are essential to be created because you will go ahead to code the data that were sliced in step one and put them into index.html and style.css

Step Four- Break Files

This is done to put each file according to WordPress theme structure, and the main reason for this is so that your website can be as amazing as possible.

Step Five- Add Tags

Tags are significant as they need to be added to the bootstrap template to attain custom functions and features that will make the website presentable.

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