Proven Ways for Women to Relieve Stress

Stressors are a big part of normal living. While we may not like this, it is the truth. Running a home, working a 9-5, running your own business, raising kids, growing your entrepreneurship, and many other activities that, one way or the other, form part of our lives are major channels for stress. Seeing that majority of these activities are inevitable lifestyle habits, the only option is to unwind and get regular relief from stress while taking out stressors that can be taken out.

As a woman, how do you shake off the stress from your system and maintain a healthy mental and physical wellbeing? Keep reading for proven methods of relieving stress in women.

Stress and Women’s Health

Productiveness and progress may sometimes produce short-term stress which may be helpful to keep you alert and reach deadlines. However, the same is not true for long-term or chronic stress.

Long-term stress has been known to cause varying side effects, including acne and other skin maladies, physical pain, irregular menstrual cycle, obesity, headache and migraines, anxiety, depression, and others, especially in women who, unfortunately, are more prone to these stress-resultant symptoms.

Once you begin to notice certain stress symptoms, including these outlined above, it is your body telling you to take a break, get off the driver’s seat and attend to your body which works like a machine and can break down any minute if continuously overworked.

In order to do that, here are proven ways to relieve stress and continuously stay atop your game as a woman:

1. Hot yoga

While the temperature may skyrocket and the humidity goes over the roof, hot yoga no doubt pushes stress to the curb. While you must be ready to be sweaty, put your body under some level of intensity and face the possibility of dehydration, you are also guaranteed an instant decline in your stress level, as well as many other health benefits.

To get the best of hot yoga, consume lots of fluid 24hrs before the session, start small by not stretching yourself too far to avoid injuries, and ensure you are guided by a professional hot yoga instructor.

2.Group activities

Never underestimate the stress-relieving benefits of a group of women coming together to have fun in any way. It could be a group knitting session, weekly book club, cookouts, girls’ trips, movies night, and other exciting stuff. Being in the midst of similar-minded people who go through similar stress-causing events is a proven way to conquer stress and learn helpful tips for managing inevitable stressful activities.


Besides keeping you physically fit, helping you grow some rock-hard abs and muscles, adding and losing weight, exercising also helps in keeping the heart in good shape. Additionally, it improves sleep, releases endorphins and serotonin, which will get you in a calmer and stress-free state, and helps you enjoy many other health and wellness benefits.

4.Enjoyable chores

it could be vacuuming, doing the dishes, tending the garden, watering the plants, or loading the dishwasher. Doing your favorite chores has been shown to induce relaxation, calm the mind and effectively boost your mood.

5.Interaction with nature

A walk in the park or through the woods, spending time in the garden or at the beach are some proven inexpensive and natural ways to clear the head and relieve stress. What better way to put your body at ease than connecting with other natural elements? The feel of the breeze on your face and the warmth of the beach sand under your feet will instantly help to produce endorphin and boost your mood.


Mindfulness and meditation are powerful ways to relax, calm the mind, bolster hormones that regulate stress levels, get your focus, and ultimately let off steam. For effective mediating sessions, you could listen to meditative music and mindfulness sounds.

And there you have it. Six tested and proven ways to combat stress and live a healthy life. The great thing is that these helpful tips go beyond just relieving stress and ultimately help you achieve healthy living. Nonetheless, always consult with your health practitioner if your stress level constantly remains high. What method will you be trying out first? Feel free to let us know.

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