Protect Yourself: 3 Key Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

When was the last time you had an accident at work? We’ve all been there. Maybe we tripped and fell but got back up again and dusted ourselves off. But what if it’s more serious than that? You can’t always protect yourself.

What if we have a serious accident that prevents us from working for weeks even months? And with tight budgets and increasing pressure from a global marketplace, some companies won’t do the right thing and pay up when it was their fault.

Don’t despair here’s all about how to hire an attorney and our guide to find a personal injury attorney.

1. When You’re Sick in Bed For Weeks

You need to hire an accident attorney when you find yourself so ill or injured that you can’t get back to work for weeks or even months at a time.

If you fell from a great height while climbing a ladder then you could end up with more than just a broken leg or arm. You could suffer head injuries that are complex and require weeks of medical attention, even intensive care. 

Even if you are discharged from hospital you could still find yourself at home recovering and unable to return to work.

In all of this time, you could be losing money. While there are laws about sick pay they only last for a certain amount of time and your employer could be prepared to let you go or find a loophole.

2. If the Accident Was the Companies’ Fault

Sometimes it is hard to dispute an accident because it is not clear who is at fault. In those circumstances, it might not be worth suing as you might not find a no-win-no-fee lawyer willing to take you on.

But if it was your employers’ fault then be sure to take your employer or the venue where the accident happened to court. With law firms becoming sophisticated with artificial intelligence and even online courts, litigation has never been easier.

3. When the Payoff is Too Small

In a bid to stop you going to court the venue where the accident took place or your employer could offer you a cash payout. Often this will involve you signing a non-disclosure agreement and making a legally binding commitment not to take further action.

This could work to your advantage if the payout is roughly equal to or more than what you think you can get in court. But if the payout you are offered is lower than what you think is reasonable then be sure to protect yourself and say you’ll see them in court.

Don’t ever feel a company is too high and mighty be to be sued, even Judge Judy is not immune to legal action.

Protect Yourself: Find a Good Lawyer

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then be sure to protect yourself and find a personal injury attorney who can fight your corner for you.

If you are interested in reading more about how to protect yourself and the average time to settle a personal injury case be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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