Protect Your Business from Underage Customers in Real-Time

Most of the online businesses are launched with an idea to cater to a universal audience but over the year the trend has emerged where niche-specific businesses have also mushroomed over cyberspace. It has been witnessed that more content-driven platforms are being launched that are only interested in catering to the individual needs of a specific demographic.

This also helps advertisers and other businesses to market their specific products on such age-restrictive platforms. But one can imagine the catastrophic impact of an online business that has users outside its targeted audience. It will not only become counter-effective for their content production efforts but it will also have a bad impact on their marketing-based needs for revenue generation.

Why does your business need age verification?

Although, not in the same league as stealing the identity of a real person, but registering on an age-restricted portal that a person is not actually authorized to register on is something that businesses cannot take lightly.

Age verification solution is the right option to counter all attempts made by either overage or underage users to register on a platform or utilize services that they are not supposed to be using. Gaming portals, 18+ portals, and social media platforms devoted to using teens are just a few examples of businesses that need to verify the age of their incoming users in order to follow their business model.

In some cases, age identification becomes not just a business practice but a mandatory business feature for businesses that are modeled to cater to minors or teens. Any predator or pedophile making way into such a portal can become a corporate nightmare for such a business. Age verification solution supported by authentic ID verification is the only viable solution to fight unwanted audiences on your digital platforms that your business has opted to use for generating higher sales and attracting a new age-specific audience.

Ideal Age verification solution

While there are a number of options that can help businesses to protect their customers from users that should not be using their online platform due to age-sensitive material are KYC service providers. Many of them offer age verification solutions but none of them is as effective as Shufti Pro. It uses an AI-based approach to authenticate the true age of an incoming user.

Unlike its competitors that become a cause of friction during the customer onboarding process, Shufti Pro authenticates the true identity and verifies the age of the user within 60 seconds using authentic identity documents. Its availability in over 230 countries and support for 150+ languages strengthen the case of Shufti Pro as the preferred medium for age verification on age-restrictive portals.

Digital identity verification has turned a new chapter with the online age verification solution and it is high time that businesses start protecting their own interests as well as provide a secure platform to their age-specific audience. After all, it is not always the quality of services that decide the fate of an online business venture. Sometimes, it is the small things that can help a business venture become a real-life success story.