Pros and Cons of Getting a Bathtub

Bathtubs came to be a status symbol in the society because not every household had the luxury of being equipped with running water in the past. Over the years, as the time changed, running water eventually became readily available and showers emerged. In this modern-day and age, there are only a few households that still incorporate a bathtub in their bathrooms.

Nevertheless, the installation of a bathtub is still worth pondering upon because it has numerous advantages that somehow outweigh its drawbacks.

Benefits of getting a bathtub

Increase in property value

Generally, a bathroom makeover can already increase the value of your property, but the addition of a bathtub may even level it up a little more. Without a bathtub, selling your house may take a little longer than usual because a tub often entices potential home buyers to take the plunge and purchase the property. This is because a bathtub can significantly transform your bathroom, with all the designs that you can now choose from such as free standing bathtubs, clawfoot bathtubs, as well as standard and shower baths.

Health benefits

Taking a long warm bath is known to have several health benefits not only physically, but mentally as well. Thus, one of the greatest advantages in getting a tub is the health benefits that you can get from using it. Lounging in a tub is a great way to relax, rejuvenate, and free your mind from the stress brought about by your day, boosting your mood in a positive manner. It is also a great way to ease sore and tired muscles because a warm bath greatly improves your blood circulation.

Drawbacks of getting a bathtub

Inconvenience in usage

There are instances wherein using a bathtub can prove to be inconvenient, especially for the elderly in your household or those with injuries, who may have a hard time getting in and out of it. It may also be harder to detect a clogged bathtub drain, but once you do, there are home remedies in this list here as suggested by plumbers in Amarco Plumbing. However, you may need to use up an immense amount of water for the de-clogging, but even for a normal bath, a tub requires a lot of water. Not only this but you also need a water heater with the adequate capacity to fill the tub with hot water, which can be time consuming and inconvenient.

Space and cost considerations

In order to install a tub in your bathroom, you need to have ample room, else your bathroom may look and feel cramped. Aside from this, the installation of a tub may cost you a hefty sum, especially if major renovations are necessary in order to incorporate the tub in your bathroom. Thus, you need to have sufficient budget, or your bathroom remodeling project may not be completed.



Having a bathtub poses several advantages, but these bathroom fixtures also have drawbacks as well. While tubs can transform your bathroom and eventually increase your property value, they can take up a lot of space and their installation may prove to be costly. Nevertheless, bathtubs can bring about several health benefits that can be hard to ignore and for this alone, getting a bathtub may just be worth it.



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