Proper Cooking Tips For Preparing Healthy Meat At Home

If you’re a meat lover, you’ll be happy to know that not only is meat one of the most appetizing and delicious foods available, but it’s also among the most wholesome foods you can eat, as it contains a unique composition of important nutrients.

Meat contains high-quality protein that is more easily absorbed by the body than protein from other foods. The protein in meat contains all the essential amino acids, which together with the numerous minerals, fats, fatty acids, and vitamins make your body strong and healthy.

If you feel lost in the kitchen and want to step up your meat game, this article will provide you with some proper cooking tips when you get the desire to prepare healthy meat at home.

Buying Meat

Unfortunately, we can’t always be sure that all stores can offer us the best quality meat. To make it a little bit easier, there are few things you can consider before heading out to find the best cut of fresh meat.

First off, search the internet for a “butcher shop near me” and find the one with the best reviews. You might find tips on what the shop’s most popular product is and even learn recipes that will give you an idea of how to prepare a piece of meat to perfection.

When at the butcher shop, ask questions like what cuts of meat they would recommend, suggestions on how to prepare a specific kind of meat, where they source their meat, etc. A well-versed butcher will make sure to give you good answers and they’ll be more than happy to do any prep work for you to save you precious time and effort.

Storing Meat

Meat quickly becomes bad at room temperature as it takes a short time before bacteria form on the outside. Therefore, meat should be stored quickly in the refrigerator at a temperature between 28°F and 32°F.

Minced meat is even more prone to bacterial attack and should be placed in the fridge directly after buying it. Remember to never open the package until it is time to cook the meat.

When buying meat, you should opt for vacuum-packed meat as it lasts longer than meat that is packaged in another way. This is because the air has been sucked out of the package, which means that the meat has a better shelf life but also usually retains its appearance and its meat juice. The ‘best before’ date is the day when the meat is still considered to be of the highest quality, provided that the packaging is fully sealed.

Preparing Meat

Steak food

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The preparation of meat has a great impact on the final taste experience.

If you intend to cook the meat in the evening, you should take it out to room temperature preferably a couple of hours earlier and it should be at room temperature before you start cooking. For pork steaks, a maximum of 2 hours at room temperature is enough, while beef steaks can be kept at room temperature for up to 10 hours.

Just before seasoning the meat with salt and pepper or other spices, an excellent tip is to dry the meat by using a paper towel to get rid of the excess meat juice. This way, the spices are drawn into the meat and you get a pleasant taste.

Afterward, you can go ahead and concentrate on cooking the meat and top it with some flake salt when it’s done.

Cooking Meat

Start the cooking by adding neutral oil such as rapeseed to the heated frying pan. Frying in oil allows you to maintain a high temperature. It has a much higher focal point than butter, but feel free to use them together as butter gives good taste and color.

Do as the master chefs, mix oil and butter so you can fry at a higher temperature without burning the butter. Depending on the type of meat you cook, look up the right temperatures that will guarantee that you get the most tender and flavorful meat for your dinner.

If you prepare the meat in an oven without a digital thermometer, you can use an external thermometer to get the correct indication.

Final Thoughts

Meat undoubtedly plays one of the main parts when looking at the most appetizing recipes from around the world. Whether it’s served with a crunchy salad or a side of potatoes, its mouth-watering taste will never disappoint.

However, knowing how to buy the right piece of fresh-cut, store it, and then prepare it properly is one of the essential aspects if you wish to get the desired result and enjoy the meal with your loved ones. 

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