Prevent Cold Feet During Winter With This AWESOME Trick

Do you feel like if your feet are cold your entire body is freezing?

I’m one of those cold weather haters, but I want to get out and play in the snow with my family.

Most of the time I stay indoors.

I mean what’s there to like? – It’s cold. Sometimes it’s windy. It’s wet. And my feet are getting cold 90% of the time I go out.

You can buy the most expensive boots in the world if you like. After a while, they won’t help you.

But I think I have found something that could help.

It’s a trick that requires few things and approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Having cold feet is related to many problems with your health. Colds, cystitis, kidney problems are just a few of the many problems you could get.

Even if you don’t go out much in the cold weather. This trick could serve you just right for the time you spend going to work and coming back home.

What do you need?

  •      Your warm winter boots
  •      Scissors
  •      Marker Pen
  •      Reflective material


  •      Remove the shoe insert from your boot and press it against the reflective sunscreen
  •      Draw an outline around the shoe insert and cut it out
  •      Place the new insert in your boot under your original shoe insert
  •      You are ready to take over the cold weather without freezing

How this helps?

Simple. The reflective material will keep your feet isolated from the cold and reflect your body heat back to you.

Smart huh? Who comes up with stuff like this?

He/she should receive a Nobel prize

Watch this video for more information.

Now, share this with your friends. They want to prevent cold feet, too.

Source: FNFN

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